Meet Uriel: Archangel of the North

Learn how to contact a powerful and patient archangel through meditation.

Reprinted from "Communicating with the Archangel Uriel," with permission of Llewellyn Publications.

Uriel is willing to give you peace and love any time you need it. Because of this, Uriel is arguably the most accessible of the archangels, bringing harmony and peace of mind to even the most difficult types of situations. Many people have told me how Uriel appeared almost magically when they desperately needed him. It can be comforting to know that he is never far away, and will come to your aid whenever you need him. You may have experienced Uriel’s presence in the past without knowing it. Sometimes, while sitting in front of a fire, I feel a sense of peace and tranquility come over me, and realize that Uriel is there with me.

However, there will also be times when you are not in desperate need, but still wish to make contact with Uriel. You might want to thank him for what he has done for you. You might want to gain some understanding about letting go of fear, guilt or some aspect of the past. You might need his help to forgive someone who has hurt or wronged you. You might want to experience his love around you.

You will find it highly beneficial to establish and maintain a relationship with Uriel. People sometimes tell me that you need to be highly evolved spiritually to even think about communicating with an angel or archangel. This is not the case. I believe that anyone can make a connection to the spiritual realms, if they sincerely want to. All you have to do is temporarily put aside your ego, quiet your mind, and send out a message to the angel you wish to contact. When you become aware of the spiritual presence, speak openly, honestly, sincerely and humbly, holding nothing back. You can rest assured that your requests will be answered. In return, all you have to do is to strive to lead an honst, upright life, genuinely attempting to make the world, or at least your small part of it, a better place for everyone.

There are many ways to contact Uriel, and we will cover some of the most effective ones here. The first thing you need to do is establish a protection around yourself.


Circle of Protection

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Richard Webster
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