Angels Are for Real

A minister recalls his brush with angels, both in his congregation and in his personal life.

This article is adapted from a sermon delivered at Marble Collegiate Church.

Years ago, my family and I enjoyed a wonderful vacation in Italy. We spent two weeks crisscrossing the country. At the end of our trip, we did something very special. We visited the house where my father was born in a little town called Ciegli, near Bari.

As I stood before that house, I visualized my father as a child, playing in the street. Then I imagined his mother leaning out one of the windows, calling him for dinner, just as my mother had done for me.


After visiting that house, we went to find the summer home of my father's family. We drove out into the countryside and got lost. After searching for an hour and a half, I was still making many wrong turns down many wrong roads. It was getting late, my family was impatient, and I felt a growing desperation. I didn't know what to do. Then I recalled something I had learned from Dr. Norman Vincent Peale. I said to my family, "I need a few moments to be quiet while I figure this out."

I stopped the car and worked to relax my mind and my body. I spent two or three minutes getting centered in that place of stillness within, and then I addressed my father with my inner voice.

"Daddy," I said, "please show us the way to the house."

In a second, my inner voice answered, "Go down the road about a half mile. There's a driveway. Turn left." I followed those directions, and there was the house.

For me, those events seemed so simple and natural at the time. But when I thought about them later, I realized that, in that instant, I had experienced the intersection of this earthly experience and a higher realm. It was a supernatural moment for me.

For years, I believed that the voice I heard was my father's. But I have since come to believe that the presence that interceded on our behalf that night was probably a guardian angel. Because, hear me, angels are for real.

Even most skeptical people believe our earthly life is not all there is. We know there's another level of reality, another dimension, a spiritual dimension. If you have trouble accepting that idea, think about radio waves. We know there are radio waves, even though we can't see them, touch them, or feel them. Like radio waves, a spiritual wavelength also exists. When we tune into it, extraordinary things happen.

Angels are the messengers from this other dimension. Think for a moment about the wonder of the nativity. One day, a young woman named Mary was astounded when an angel appeared and told her she was to bear a child and that child was going to make an enormous difference in the world.
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Dr. Arthur Caliandro
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