Angels of Healing and Compassion

How to call on angels to help you with physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

Excerpted from 'A Company of Angels: Your Angel Transformation Guide' by David Lawson published by Findhorn Press

When you are sick, feeling lonely, feeling depressed, or lacking energy and unable to motivate yourself, you may wish to ask the Angels for their healing support. You may also choose to do this when you are preparing for, or recuperating from, an operation.

Just imagine your body, mind, emotions, and spirit becoming a magnet for angelic healing and ask angelic guardians to intervene by directing healing energy to wherever it is needed. You could imagine your angels placing hands, wings, or beams of healing light energy upon any area of your body that is in need of a healing boost, or simply picture them radiating light directly to your mind, spirit, or emotions. Do this regularly.

If you are lying in bed recovering from an illness or an accident, you could even do this several times every day. Just remember that the more you ask, the more you will receive.

Talk to your angels. If you can, be specific about your needs. You could ask them to bring you the healing that would help you evolve spiritually; you could ask them to comfort you during times of grief or heal the cause of your distress. You could even ask them to help your doctor, healer, or complementary therapist provide the best available treatment for your condition. What is more, if you wish to develop your own healing abilities to help other people, you could ask your angels for their guidance. When asked, angels love to point you towards the right books, courses, and tutors to build and enhance your skills in the best way possible. All you need to do is say is: "Angels, I need to find the perfect book about....Please guide me in the right direction."


Exercise: Sending Angelic Healing
Find a quiet, comfortable place to sit and relax. Breathe deeply, allow your eyes to close and use your imagination to contact the angels of healing. You may ask for healing for someone who is sick, someone who is lonely or isolated, someone who is grieving, or for any human need that another person may have. You may even send healing thoughts to someone who is quite well but who you instinctively feel may need a boost of confidence, joy, or inspiration.

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David Lawson
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