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Jane Goodall

Jane Goodall

Judi Bari fought against logging in the ancient redwood forests in northern California. She made headlines when a motion-triggered bomb exploded under her driver's seat in Oakland in the midst of orchestrating the Redwood Summer logging protests in 1990 that left her permanently injured. She continued, however, to lead non-violent protests and worked tirelessly to bridge timber workers and environmentalists despite death threats and pressure from the lumber industry. Politician and activist Tom Hayden said after Bari lost her battle with breast cancer in 1997: "She [Bari] was instrumental in bringing the plight of the ancient redwood forests to national attention. We will sorely miss the energy she provided, particularly in the negotiating fog that envelopes the Headwaters forest today, but she has left a legacy of dedicated activists who will carry her banner flying high.”

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