Top 10 Valentine's Day Gifts

Do you need help figuring out the perfect gift for that special someone? To make things easier for you, our editors have put together their Top 10 Favorite Gifts for this Valentine's Day. You're sure to find something that will be perfect for your love!!


02/11/2011 04:45:36 PM

How 'bout a blank book where you use stickers and pictures to express 14 things you appreciate about your wife? You can write a sentence of one thing you like or appreciate about her below the picture. You can go to a crafts store like JoAnn's or Michael's to pick up some stickers. It would be a unique gift because it's something from the heart.


02/01/2011 10:50:18 AM

I am always stumped trying to guess what to get my wife..She, probably like most women, does not fit neatly in any of the categories indicated and she wears little jewelry (religion), is on a diet, and though she likes romantic films, I do not think she would consider "Valentines Day " romantic in the say way Julio Iglesias is romantic to her, or "Dr Zhivago" is romantic. She has "seen a lot of life" (lost a child, lived thru a divorce and a civil war, struggled for years and more) and is a very "deep" person. In fact almost any gift seems trivial to me when thinking off her. Anyone with any ideas?