21 Signs of Stress

When you take a moment to realize how stressed you are it is the first step to making a change.


02/14/2011 11:10:25 PM

This is one cool quiz. But I have a good idea to fight away that stress you people are having. Please visit this link http://1hourmeditation.com


01/15/2011 03:24:24 PM

I knew I am stressed as always but this just comfirrmed it. Now what do I do? Most of my stress comes from work and husband


01/13/2011 05:41:16 PM

Okay, I'm stressed out/addicted to stress... Now what is the second step? :)


01/13/2011 04:01:58 PM

I did not know how stressed I was until I read your article on stress


01/13/2011 04:01:02 PM

I didn't know how stressed I


01/04/2011 07:35:58 AM

I don't know who wrote that those symtoms were a sign of stress ! You must be kidding, these things, I really don't believe are a sign of stress but more a sign of crazy ! I am not being mean it just sounds more like a case of low self esteem. Therefor you may be mad at the world and suffer from criticism. It would be more likely that the person you live with would suffer from stress because of your attitude! Stress causes pain ,depression ,sadness, and a desire to withdraw from the world . I will agree that , that type of behavior would cause anyone stress , but it's the behavior not stress. AMEN


12/09/2010 07:03:22 AM

The Secret to Letting Go, Wow would I love to learn this, permanently! Been Dealing with major stress/ weight loss, and shut-down mode, basically. There were and are triggers. Believe it is time to move on, alone.