Do You Know What it Means to Love Yourself?

Find out how to love yourself more and why you should strive for it.

BY: Bob Livingstone LCSW


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It is important to be aware when you are demonstrating self-loving behavior. If you can start to do this, you will begin to get a sense of what loving yourself means. Here are some examples:

  • Breaking up with a partner who has been abusive to you
  • Seeking out a new job because the one you have is a dead end
  • Confronting someone who has hurt you emotionally
  • Beginning a recovery program for substance abuse or overeating
  • Crying about emotional wounds that occurred in child hood.
  • Realizing that feeling your own pain is a major step in healing
  • Starting a new class or playing a new instrument
  • Beginning an exercise program
  • Finally going to the doctor to obtain a physical exam
  • Start going to therapy because you are unhappy

You are loving yourself when: you are able to live in the present rather than worrying about the future or agonizing over the past. When you are living in the present, there is no room for this dread; you realize that you are beating yourself up and then stop; You learn to focus on something other than feeling guilty or regretful; You actually believe that you are a decent person and have gifts to offer to the world; You help out someone who is less fortunate than you; You realize that you have had a positive impact on another. You are experiencing self-love when you are giving of yourself; You can accept that you are not perfect and never will be-you are at peace; flaws and all; you hear music that enlightens or when you see a sunset and realize that you are part of the beauty of the world.

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