Stop Absorbing Other People’s Negativity

The author of 'Emotional Freedom' offers 5 action steps to protect yourself from other people's bad moods and bad vibes


06/22/2011 09:04:35 AM

Great post. It can be easy to let negative people get to you....if you let them. I have a lot of experience with a jealous woman who continuously focuses her negativity on me by lying and trying to hurt me. Normally, I don't engage her. I've grown to have empathy and compassion for her. I've learned that people who are like this are oftentimes suffering from a lack of self love and worth. She has picked me to focus on for 2 years. Mean people just don't like seeing others being happy. It's been tough, but when I realized that what she feels about me is really how she feels about herself, it made it much easier to deal with. She doesn't have the power to get me down because everything she says is a lie. There is zero credibility. I responded to her gently the last time she tried to get a reaction from me and she hasn't bothered me since. I can only hope she has finally gotten therapy and is working on herself. I am a nurse and by nature I want to help everyone, no matter who they are. In the beginning of her obsession with me I reached out to offer help, but that backfired and made things worse. I can't help everyone and I have no desire anymore to care about her. It is what it is. It is just soooo sad that someone gets off by trying to hurt others. How does that make them feel good? Insecurity I suppose. I do wish her well so she can be a better person and empowered wife, mother, and woman. So, don't give negative people the opportunity to get to you. Just cut them from your life and walk away :)


03/13/2011 11:31:10 AM

I wish we could but it is all around us and it is so hard but we do our best.


03/13/2011 11:04:55 AM

kpixie30 I think if you can find one person for which you can have a positive social interaction, you will find that you will obtain the balance you are seeking. We are social creatures by nature. Even those of us who are emotional sponges. So while crowds are overwhelming, having one person to share our sphere with can be very welcoming. :)


12/03/2010 09:31:49 AM

Thank you, Judith. This was just what I needed today. Blessings!


10/01/2010 07:05:41 AM

These are some pretty useful tips. I am an emotional sponge, I have learned I am better when I am alone not absorbing everyone elses emotions. The down side to that is I get more depressed. I haven't figured out a way to balance. All I know is that it seems like a never ending loop.