10 Secrets to a Good Life

Lessons from Women of the Chinese Culture

Asian woman praying pink rose

These insights can empower us all to create our best life.

By Giovanna Pang Garcia

Some people manage to overcome incredible difficulties, and soar. I feel I am blessed to be one of them.

As a Chinese American I know many women of similar backgrounds who seem to survive and thrive against the odds. One woman I know of was born in prison and separated from her parents for most of her childhood, yet earned a Ph.D. and is now a successful doctor. Another raised four children by herself, worked her way through college by cleaning bathrooms, and went on to become a best-selling author. And then there is the 16 year old girl who immigrated to a new country by herself, turned $300 into a multi-million dollar company, and retired at 40. That girl was me.

It’s been my experience that Chinese American women are able to create great success for themselves because they follow a recipe that mixes a balance of our Chinese core values with American freedoms and innovations. Anyone can adapt these values into their own lives—or tap into the values from your own heritage, mix them with the American way, and whip up a great life! Here are 10 secret recipes for success.

Giovanna Pang Garcia is the author of Why Chinese Women Are Not Broke: Real Life Stories and Proven Keys for Success. To learn more, visit her at www.whychinesewomenarenotbroke.com

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