21 Ways to Help a Grieving Friend

Losing a loved one can be an extremely difficult time in a person’s life. These 21 tips are meant to help you find supportive ways to assist someone you care about through the journey of restoring balance in their life after a loss.


07/18/2012 02:17:25 PM

I currently have a friend who is grieving the loss of her mother. I sent some funeral arrangements to the funeral, and i have taken her some meals. Now I feel like I just need to be there for her. Thanks for these tips.


08/11/2011 09:49:54 AM

I lost my mother to a brain tumor at the age of 60. I was only 18 when she suffered a massive stroke and 19 when she died. I the span of 18 months I grew up really fast. I became her caregiver,along with my father. He chose to keep her in our apartment,rather than put her in a hospice/nursing home. She passed away in 1974,right before the Jewish High Holidays. I lost my dad in 1986,to a stroke/diabetes. I was 32 at the time. Since then I've lost aunts,Uncles,grandparents, I have a close friend who's mom is elderly. And I've promised him that when the time comes I will help him go thru his mom's death, I know what kind of a horror that can be. It's going to be 38 years this year that my mom is gone. I'm still feeling her loss, it doesn't leave me. I'm never going to be totally over it. I still need her today.


08/01/2011 09:12:46 AM

Thank you for this timely article. I lost my 22 yr old nephew two years ago. His birthday is two days from today. We will release balloons at his gravesite. I wholeheartedly agree with all of the suggestions above. I have come to know that sometimes grief lasts much longer than we think. One year anniversaries are very hard, but somehow two year ones have been harder for me. I believe the finality must set in after the first year. It is a different grief, but grief all the same. Thanks again for posting this wonderful article.


03/14/2011 02:48:56 PM

Suggest that your friend read some books on grieving, including the Bible! A great book that offers a Christian perspective on losing a loved one is Heaven Revealed by Paul Enns. Dr. Enns wrote the book after unexpectedly losing his wife of more than forty years. He reminds us that we will recognize one another in heaven and be reunited with our loved ones. I recommend it. Here’s the amazon page: http://dld.bz/P8sz


07/02/2010 05:52:08 AM

Where, on the list, was also acting like everything is normal?? I HATED people coming up to me with sad eyes, wanting to hug me and tell me all sorts of things. Just let me be! If I want to talk, I'll let you know. Otherwise, let me get on with my life without wallowing.


06/08/2010 03:16:44 PM

Sending personal notes of rememberance actually serves as therapy for me. It makes me feel good.


06/08/2010 08:08:17 AM

I really believe people have lost touch with thier humane side, They don't want to get involved , someone will do it..etc. If we only did half of the things listed..would be a perfect world


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