Forgiveness Affirmations to Heal Your Life

The Law of Forgiveness is a dynamic universal principle that can change our lives. When we are willing to forgive we can unleash an amazing power, a flood of energy that can heal. Connie Domino, author of The Law of Forgiveness, will help you open to forgiveness through forgiveness affirmations and understanding meant to heal ourselves and others.


09/30/2011 12:07:29 AM

Today is a very tough day for me~in two ways. First today is the 38th Anniversary of my late mom's passing,right before the Jewish High Holidays in September 1974. She passed away from an inopberable brain tumor at the age of 60. Secondly, right around that time I would have had my son who my parents made me abort because they were afraid of what would have happened if I had my child,cause I'm a Epileptic since I was six years of age. They didn't even ask me what I wanted to do~they didn't ask me if I wanted to have my child,and give him up like my biologicial mom did me?????? i would have given him up, and let him be adopted like I was and would have found him after I was married and settled. People have said to me that I should forget/forgive my parents for what they did to me and for what happened. Easier said than done. You try it sometime and tell me how far you get??? I've tried, for 38 years to forget my mom's passing. And I've tried to forgive her/dad for what they did to me. I can't.~The reason,plain and simple, they couldn't have children due to a complete hysterectomy the women who became my mother needed. So they turned to Louise Wise Adoption Agency cause they wanted a child. Some woman's baby became their's ~ and 18 years later I became pregnant with their only grandchild. But they made me abort that child. Can you understand that? I can't. My son would have been turning 38 between now and October 10th? I know that Jesus has forgiven my parents for what they did. I was brought up Jewish,but I beleive in Jesus. My other problem is that I can't forgive myself for letting them make me abort my son's life without fighing for him.


09/20/2011 07:15:09 AM

I want to thank you for the article on forgiveness I had been harboring unforgiveness for at least six years. I had been seeking revenge on this person for hurting me he had moved on with his life and i could not it just haunted the past and the pain. I read the article on forgiveness 9/19/11I am free!!!! I ask for forgiveness and accepted the forgiveness from him through the affirmations. Thank you Jesus now I am able to move forward with the life God has planned for me. I have a testimony about forgiveness I can truly breathe now !!!!!! Thank you Jesus and my guardian angel Arch Angel Michael for working with me through prayers AMEN.


08/30/2011 03:04:41 PM

I've realized, not all things can be forgiven, especially if it still cause you pain when it cross your mind or when you see the person. I believe you can cause yourself more pain by pretending you forgive.


11/18/2010 11:08:05 AM

It took me a while to learn to forgive for traumatic incidents which occurred in my life. I learned that once I forgave my spirit had a sense of freedom. Those situations no longer control me nor do I have them as "baggage'. I'm not making excuses for people who do negative things, I know you have to factor in their upbringing, mentality, and character to have an understanding of what others do. It might not even be a motive, it could just be something they are use to doing that caused whatever actions. We can always get upset and say we'll they are adults & should know better but no two people have the same personal perception of things ergo having a different mentality. It's a good thing to forgive & put it in the hands of GOD. If the situation is too severe pray & seek counseling to help you get passed it so you can forgive.


08/09/2010 07:55:44 PM

Always forgive you will be blessed for it

07/20/2010 12:59:44 PM

I have a habit of taking things literally. I took the saying about forgiving and forgetting literally for the longest time, and I thought my memory was so good that I couldn't really do what Jesus said. I felt bad. It's a real relief to know that I can.


04/17/2010 12:49:07 AM

There is a particular kind of therapy, Past Reality Integration, that can help someone deal with unresolved anger. Just a suggestion ...


04/17/2010 12:45:38 AM

It might seem easy to just 'order' people to forgive others. 'Just forgive him or her, because if you don't this or that is going to happen to you.' It is not as easy as that. Often, when a wrong has been committed, the one wronged as to go through the process of figuring out WHY he is angry, and what he can do, CONCRETELY, to arrive at the point where he will realize that there is no need to hang on to his anger. You make it sound as though this can be done at the snap of one's fingers, but very often that is not the case. 'If you don't forgive, it'll backfire on you.' A person who is bitter or resentful about something will not see that right away. You should acknowledge the fact that a margin of time is needed to heal. Only after a certain amount of healing can forgiveness take place. For some, it's a matter of hours or days. For others, almost a lifetime. It also takes some compassion to grant everyone the room to heal at his own pace.


04/14/2010 06:15:38 PM

thank you.


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