10 Ways to Be a More Positive Person

We are all feeling uncertain these days. Rather than give in to fear and worry, it is important to learn new ways to cope with change and invite inspiration and positivity into our every day. Read our tips on being a more positive person.


09/19/2011 02:13:34 PM

Your "angelic" face doesn't convince me. The most evil angels were all smiles. neither I am overimpressed by your seeming contection that that parenting is all "positivity" and no pain. This is the way straight to hell! I walked this route myself! because my father did not care to love me enough to spank me! Because of his "posotovism", I lost decades of my life in the hell of misery and prison! Are you telling me that I go in the footsteps of my father, who by the way was extremely assertive and positive? Dont commiserate about me. Just tell the whole truth to your readers, by answering my question in truth!


08/18/2011 02:30:46 AM

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07/08/2011 03:21:43 PM



06/25/2011 03:20:21 PM

To sadinmaine, I was in your position 4 years ago. My husband and I were falling apart. I was clinically depressed and I tried to end my life. But there is hope! I found out that I had to repair myself, before I could repair the problems around me. So I went to a dr and got on anti-depressants. Then I found some online help, since I live in a town where resources are minimal. These sites helped me out: www.wakeupcallcoaching.com, these women help you with your inner mean girl, the inner being that always makes you feel bad about yourself. Then there's www.havetherelationshipyouwant.com, and www. mimitanner.com. And www.savemymarriagetoday.com . You can sign up for a free daily letter from all of these websites and well, they helped me see things in a different light. Now, 4 years later, we are back on track. Thru all of this, I was praying ALOT. The Good Lord gave me the courage to face it all. Good luck hon on the tough journey ahead. I hope this will help, even a little bit. . Hang in there and God Bless! =)


12/17/2010 04:08:34 AM

Hi MelzyB - Well, I suppose the person who is negative about things around you need to seek help or alternatively you got move yourself outside of that negative circle. I was there before and I know it is not very nice! Good Luck and God Bless .. Kat


09/05/2010 01:00:02 PM

Well guess what....I had forgotten my log-in name.....sadinmaine....well...guess what again?....I'm very-depressed-in-maine now..........on 9/11, I will have been here 1 year and it sucks....my husband and I don't even sleep in the same bed now...when we talk, all it is now is arguing......I just want it to stop....the above suggestions are well thought out, if you can find the resources, but if the people of the area are dead-set against you for being there because you aren't "one of them", you can kiss your butt goodbye on any "real" kindness and friendship, unless you are spending money for their goods or services.....I've been yelled at, robbed, ignored, treated with bad service avoided....I could go on but I won't because I know no one really cares...either here in the readership, and with what two people I DO have left of what you could call my "family".....I really don't want to go on but just am too chicken to do it myself.....I guess the rest of you readers can go ahead and have yourself a GREAT FREAKIN' DAY....


08/27/2010 07:21:18 PM

Thankis I needed this so much!


07/20/2010 03:47:18 AM

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07/12/2010 12:47:40 PM

How does ones be more positive when there is someone in your life who says negative thing to and about you daily?


05/22/2010 10:10:03 AM

I've often come upon this advice "Surround yourself with Positive People." I've never been able to reconcile the advice with the beatitude "Blessed are the poor in spirit."