10 Ways to Release Regrets

Break-ups, lay-offs, sudden losses, or unexpected life changes can bring painful endings that make us feel unsure about ourselves and our future. Learn to find closure gracefully, and move on in a healthy way as you turn a bad ending into an inspiring new beginning.


08/22/2011 11:01:20 AM

Ms. Spardo, the article is beautiful, and filled with wisdom. I love the concepts and have tried some of them with success. As unpleasant as it may seem sometimes, seasons change, and the more flexible we can bring ourselves to be, our advantage will always be the greatest. There is nothing "unreal" about these concepts for the heart that is tired of being laden with heaviness, and ready to positively stop energy loss. Thank you for the time you have invested in helping those who are ready to be helped through this article. As a matter of fact, I am in the process of ordering the book. Thanks, again..


08/16/2011 09:09:45 AM

I'm loving this article. And Sundance, like you, I've had abuse in my life. I am the only person who can choose to be a victim and let it eat at me every day or move on and not let it hurt me any longer. I also am the only person who can make the conscious effort to keep it from happening to me by removing those people from my life. It's not easy and it hurts, but staying and letting people hurt me is not working and they will continue to hurt me unless I take action. I will keep you in my prayers and ask for you to find closure and strength. Forgiving is the easy part. Forgetting is the hard part...


08/15/2011 08:06:05 PM

As grateful as I am for the intention of the author of this article, if this simplistic stuff worked, don't you think we'd all be free of regret by now? I wonder if these articles are written by middle class people who have never had anything really tragic happen to them, much less a lifetime of abuse from people who are supposed to love you, or something comparable. I have been reading everything I can get my hands on for decades, praying daily, reading philosophy and the bible, going to therapy, even watching Dr. Phil! If it were this easy, I would already have moved on years ago. I am not stuck in the past, I would just prefer the abuse stop, and I don't understand why that is too much to ask that these people either be nice to me, or leave me in peace.


10/23/2010 11:06:08 PM

Great article. I have great difficulty with regret. It lingers longer than the actual pain. This was refreshing to read and helped me put things in perspective.


07/30/2010 06:42:56 AM

There are many kinds of regret, and along with the if-only thought, any kind of regret will only stop you from progressing and living a better life. Find out the different types of regret and how you can deal with it. http://bit.ly/awcG27


07/05/2010 08:52:53 AM

This article has not idea of what it's talking about. Determination? That's assuming the one who's been destroyed has any dertermination left. Come on.....give us something REAL to bite one


06/16/2010 05:50:30 PM

Thanks alot....I needed this!


03/25/2010 08:59:03 AM

How do you print a whole article? Everytime I click on print, it only prints the first page.


03/19/2010 09:59:54 AM

thank you.


03/03/2010 02:14:48 PM

Thank you Ms. Spadaro. Great stuff.