The Plane Crash that Gave Us Hope

One year after the miracle landing of Flight 1549, we investigate the ripple effect of how it changed people's lives for the better.


01/16/2010 08:32:09 AM

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01/15/2010 03:57:17 PM

What an inspirational article, we somehow tend to worry so much about the unimportant things in life, and forget about what really is important, love this fellow man. While we all tend to judge each other without even know who we are, that day no one judged anyone, they just helped each other. Make this the first day you help someone with out judging them. You could create a miracle for someone you don't even know.


01/15/2010 01:38:00 PM

Even though I was not on that plane, I was there in spirit. I think by seeing the pictures and the documentaries and reading the interviews, we all became placed there in spirit. We were touched because it could have been anyone of us. How many people travel by air? It could have been me. There was a greater purpose for this event and the right people were put in right place at exactly the right time in order to be of service. It is reaffirming to witness even in the darkest of moments how brilliantly people can shine. And shine they did! It is also important to remember it is not just about one but all. We are all connected even though at times we may forget we are.