Freedom from Suffering


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Our Addiction to Suffering

letting go of suffering

Have we become addicted to suffering? Learn how to turn unhappiness into joy.

By Isha

Many of us – from all walks of life and at every level of society-- have become addicted to suffering. Our addiction reaches such an extent that even when everything seems to be going perfectly; we find a reason to feel bad. A classic example is during those times when everything is going far too well, it feels too good to be true, and we look for ways to question, doubt and even complain about our good fortune! The good news is we can free ourselves.

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Where Did You Learn Courage?
Growing up, how did you learn to be courageous?
I watched my parents and siblings and did what they did
My parents talked to me when I was scared and that helped me be brave
I planned what I would do in scary situations ahead of time
I followed the example of my favorite superheroes
People tried to help, but in the end I just had to face my fears on my own
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