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My Compassionate Son...and a Resilient Hamster

Your Unlikely Heroes

My youngest son, who is 22, inspires me and is one of my heroes.

It was a typical night for us. We were just preparing to call it a night [when] we heard...an outside fire alarm. As we opened our front door, [we saw that] the building next to ours was largely engulfed in fire!

I ran to join our neighbors furiously banging on doors, hoping to alert everybody to get out. A few minutes later, I [realized] I couldn't find my son [who was 12-years-old at the time]. I frantically ran around the burning building. Just as I was launching [into] panic mode, my neighbor said, "Steve, your son is over at the community clubhouse, making coffee for people." My son was opening his heart and reaching out on his own.

Two weeks after the fire, I got an excited phone call from my son at work, which I will always cherish. "Dad! I found Rattle--and he's alive! Can you believe it Dad?" Rattle was our young friend's hamster [who went missing during the fire]. Matt searched the rubble, saw motion, and there he was! "Dad, he smells like smoke, but he is alive!" That afternoon, sitting in my office, I cried and could not wait to get home, hug my son, and tell him that he had behaved as God does for us. I grew that day thanks to a child and a tough little hamster named Rattle!

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