Top 10 Spiritual Jane Austen Places

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Lyme Park (aka. Pemberley)

Jane Austen Lyme Park Pemberley England

I'm officially a member of the Cult of Colin Firth. Matthew MacFadyen fans have his Pemberley, the gorgeous Chatsworth estate with its acres of gardens, where he snogs Lizzy by the fountain, but what better place for me to pay homage than Lyme Park, Colin Firth's Pemberley in the BBC version of "Pride & Prejudice"?

It took me hours to get here by bus (best to rent a car if you want to see Derbyshire), but it was well worth it. You can no longer see the place where they filmed Darcy diving into the lake, but you'll find the steps he runs down on his way to see Elizabeth and the paths they walked.