'How I Save the Earth...a Little Every Day'

Beliefnet users recount their personal triumphs in helping to keep our environment alive and well in the 21st century.

1. We Became Calendar Girls
Susan Milette, Fort Pierce, FL 

The Seagrass Awareness
Calendar Girls

The Seagrass Awareness Calendar idea came about on a camping, kayak, and yoga weekend trip with several women of a variety of ages and my photographer husband. We shared a desire to do something to help restore the health of the Indian River Lagoon. Since 1950, about thirty percent of the Indian River Lagoon's seagrass beds have been lost. These are true flowering plants that stabilize sediments and provide food and nursery grounds for hundreds of ecologically and economically important species. Our hope is that the Seagrass Awareness Calendar will initiate thought, then create conversation that will prompt responsible action now and in the future.


Each participant gave a voice to the river. We have somewhat bared ourselves in an effort to get your attention. All of the proceeds aid the recovery and well-being of the Indian River Lagoon. Our 16-month calendar (from Sept . '06 to Dec. '07) will be available soon by ordering from Riverscoalition.org.

2. Our Family Recycles

Rose-Mary Gower, North Wales, UK

John-Paul Gower, 21,
helps recycle.
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