Ways to Save on Food and Fuel

Worried about food and gas prices? Soaring costs have many shoppers looking for ways to stretch their dollars.

BY: Cynthia Ross Cravit of 50Plus


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Save green when you go green. If the prices of organic foods have you bulking, target your spending for foods where conventional pesticide use is high. These include apples, bell peppers, celery, cherries, imported grapes, nectarines, peaches, pears, potatoes, red raspberries, spinach, and strawberries. Get out the slow cooker. Buying inexpensive (and tougher) cuts of meats won’t be a sacrifice if you slow cook them to mouth-watering tenderness. Slow cookers also make great use of leftover vegetables. Consider making your own cleaning products.

A trip down the cleaning supplies aisle can add big bucks to your grocery bill. Instead consider making natural and less expensive cleaning solutions from items in your pantry. Know your food costs facts. A few rules of thumb: white eggs are generally cheaper than brown; skim milk is cheaper than 2 per cent milk; and bacon is usually less expensive than sausage. A rotisserie chicken is not only a convenient way to prepare dinner, but it can go a long way toward leftovers, soups, etc. — and it is often cheaper than buying, say, boneless chicken breasts. Think generic. Cereal, canned and frozen foods can be cheaper when sold through the store brand name — and in most cases, the quality isn’t that much different.

Engage in stealthy stock-up.Stocking up, particularly on reduced items, can help to save on fuel costs from that extra trip to the store as well as multiple-shop impulse buying. In many areas, bread prices have skyrocketed, so if your favourite multi-grain is on sale, buy a couple loaves to store in the freezer.

Consumers are being hit not only with rising food costs, but record breaking gas prices. Here are practical tips to put the brakes on gas guzzling*.

• Lighten up on the gas pedal. According to the US Department of Energy, every five miles per gallon that you drive in excess of 60 mph (96km) is about the same as adding 10 cents to every gallon of gas. Use cruise control to maintain constant speed on the open highway.

• Use high gear or overdrive when driving at highway speeds. Switching to high gear will reduce engine speed, thereby saving gas and cutting wear to the engine.

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