Yoga for Chronic Pain

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Hints for Practice

Yoga for Chronic Pain

Above all, it is important to listen to the wisdom within your body when dealing with chronic pain. The body can tell you what it needs and what should be avoided. Choose the poses from this sequence that speak to your body in a positive way, and avoid movements that cause stress or discomfort. Also:

  • Have a yoga mat, one belt, a blanket, one block and an eye bag (optional) nearby. Props can provide support so that your body can move into a comfortable stretch rather than too much stretch or strain in a pose. You can always go with less support once you understand how much your body can comfortably do.
  • Hold each pose from 20-30 seconds when you are first starting. Breathe deeply and fully, with even inhales and exhales. If the pose is comfortable, you may stay longer. If you experience pain in a pose, it is time to come out - your body won't benefit from pushing through pain.
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