12 Yoga Poses for Your Workday

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Rest your Weary Eyes... and Ears

Yoga Pose

Senses-Drawing-In Pose

This practice is called pratyhara in Sanskrit, literally translated as “turning inward” - letting go of the external world and resting in the pure peace of the inner self.

Do This Pose: Sit comfortably in a chair or on the floor. Remove eyeglasses if you wear them. Place your hands with your palms facing your face, the tips of your middle fingers touching. Closing your eyes, place your middle fingers very gently along the length of your eyelids - the tips of your fingers will touch the inner corners of your eyes. Place the index fingers along the line of your eyebrows, rest your ring fingers on the corners of your nostrils, and rest your little fingers on your upper lips or at the corners of your mouth. Finally, close the flaps of your ears with your thumbs.

Let your eyes, ears, nose, and tongue become completely passive. Let your eyes look within. Listen to the soft sound of your breath and let go of all your cares and concerns about your work, your school day, your life.

Let yourself linger here as long as you are comfortable. When you release your hands, sit with your eyes closed for a few more moments, letting the peace of your inner self come with you, back to the outer world.