6 Shortcuts for a Stress-Free Summer

Help, I'm so Stressed!

Woman with headache on phone

“Summertime and the livin’ is easy” – so goes the classic Gershwin tune. However, if you’re already counting the days until the kids are back in school or if you’re overcome with heat, insects, and weeds, then stress might be getting the upper hand. You need some help focusing on the special qualities that summer has to offer.

Summer should definitely be about sunshine and picnics, lemonade and BBQs, pools and beaches. The following six shortcuts, easily triggered by ordinary events in your day, will help put the easy back into your summer.





Ashley Davis Bush, LCSW is a psychotherapist in southern New Hampshire and a self-help author. Her most recent book is Shortcuts to Inner Peace: 70 Simple Paths to Everyday Serenity (Berkley Books). For more resources, visit her website at www.ashleydavisbush.com.

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