Grief & Loss

Grief and Loss Prayers

Comfort in Christ

Christ is shepherd over you,
Enfolding you on every side.
Christ will not forsake you, hand or foot,
Nor let evil come near you.

Source: Unknown

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Cry Your Heart Out

When challenge knocks on your door, have a good cry, and then you can pick yourself up and start again.

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Real Health

I was afraid of getting older, but in time I learned to value my life experience--and my health.

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Recovering from Loss

Struggling with grief, a mother whose baby died at birth was led to a whole new life of creativity and purpose.

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The Hidden Benefit of Grief: Why It Doesn't Need to Hurt Forever

One man learns how to work through the pain of his mother's death and discovers six new gifts.

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The Grief of Your Dying Loved One

Family and friends can help guide the dying in understanding the range of emotions they experience

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