Dee Brestin on Idol Lies

Brestin discusses how Jesus set her free from her own idols.

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You say that God uses a shocking metaphor to awaken us to our hidden heart idols - what is it?

It’s laced all through the prophets, but is particularly bold in Jeremiah and Hosea. God says we are like adulterers and adulteresses – spreading our legs under every tree. (Jeremiah 2:20) We do not trust Him to meet our needs – so we, like Gomer, run after our lovers and forget the Lord (Hosea 2:13) Sin is not just breaking a rule – it’s breaking the heart of God. Idolatry is infidelity. Derek Kidner says, “It is a bold and creative stroke by which God, instead of banning sexual imagery from religion, rescues and raises it to portray the ardent love and fidelity which are the essence of His covenant.”

When the women in my pilot studies saw that they weren’t just breaking a rule, but breaking God’s heart – the were grieved in a way that produced change.

You say only some will be set free from their idols - who will and who will not?

The effects of our idols are painful. They cause strife, depression, anxiety, and rob us of health, joy, and peace. But if you come to God simply to be freed of the destruction of your idols, you will not be set free. You must come to God for Him, and only Him. He knows your heart. He longs to be loved for Himself. And when He truly is, He begins to move. He may not do what You want Him to do (such as giving you an easy marriage) but He will free you from your idols and allow you to experience a new and wonderful intimacy with Him. If your dominant desire is not for God, then ask Him to change your heart.

My control idol has taken a massive blow – but it isn’t gone. It has a frightening ability to regenerate. But I see him now. I am amazed at how many manipulative thoughts spring to my mind. But I also know now that my control idol is not a friend at all. My real Friend, my real Lover, and my real Savior is Jesus.


dee brestinDee Brestin is a Bible teacher, speaker and blogger (  She the best-selling author of The Friendships of Women, which has sold more than a million copies to date. Her latest book is Idol Lies: Facing the Truth About our Deepest Desires (Worthy Publishing). 

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