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You only live once-but if you work it right, once is enough.

-Joe E. Lewis (submitted by Nadyne)

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7 Tips for Finding Happiness


7 Tips for Finding Happiness

Connecting with others and feeling a sense of oneness with life itself brings lasting happiness--and that connection can take many forms, from a warm hug to the rapture we feel in nature to our work on a creative project that touches others. It is when we give of ourselves that we find ourselves.

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Joy quotes, woman lifted up to the sky


Uplifting Quotes About Joy

How do you stay joyful? Our gallery of wise quotes about joy from the world's greatest thinkers will lift your spirits and make you conscious of the happiness already within you.

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Phoenix Suns Owner Shares Happiness Tips

In his years as a successful entrepreneur creating and selling corporations to the likes of Coca-Cola and Kimberly-Clark, Richard Jaffe, one of the owners of the Phoenix Suns, found a few constants to guide him in business and in life.



Find Happiness and Health the Italian Way

The Italian approach to living will energize and keep you loving life.

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