When Someone You Love Is Depressed

Accept Your Feelings

Dealing with someone who is depressed can be frustrating and well, depressing. It’s extremely frustrating to continually reach out to someone who doesn’t seem able to respond, or to respond appropriately or consistently. It’s perfectly normal to feel annoyed and angry, and even despairing.

If you have been feeling this way and it is beginning to impact on your own quality of life, support for yourself should be your first priority. Finding a counsellor or support group can make all the difference as you navigate the waters of supporting a family member as he or she grapples with the disease and its results.

The important thing to keep in mind is that depression truly is a disease. Although it’s difficult to change your thinking, if you can come to understand that your loved one truly has limited control over his or her state of mind, and to treat it as an illness and not a lack of desire or willpower, you will be on your way to finding a clearer understanding of the reality of your situation.

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