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Caring for Mother: A Daughter's Long Goodbye

Caring for Mother A Daughters Long Goodbye Virginia Stem Owens


Virginia Stem Owens makes her way through her mother's dementia over the course of seven years in Caring for Mother: A Daughter's Long Goodbye (Westminster John Knox, 2007). Owens' honesty in this memoir is both painful and lyrical as she seeks to do her daughterly duty, first in caring for her mother at home, since her father cannot manage it, and then faithfully visiting her mother in a nursing home as the older woman slowly declines. Owens writes beautifully what she sees, making sense of what is senseless without sentimentality and sparing nothing, not even herself. Loving people is a burden, but one we must take up, she urges.

Nugget of wisdom: "Having someone to yell at is only one of the advantages of being aware of God at this time. I frankly do not see how people make it through experiences like this without a sense of some sustaining grace upholding them."

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