Regaining a Sense of Self

Maintaining your center doesn't always have to be through a spiritual activity

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This is the strongest, most grounded, secure place for you to be. It's like ballast. Harder to tip you over when you're solidly in there. Harder not to be you because you're attuned to what you're feeling, needing, and experiencing from moment to moment. There's a whole school of thought that says even illness can't enter a fully inhabited body. It's already occupied. That may be overstating it, but it makes the point.

So let's say you train yourself to stay home in your body more and more, and to be aware of when you're out, so you can pop back in. But there are still times when somebody else's big, fat, fluffy field overwhelms you and squeezes you into a very small space.What then?

Well, from the base of being home in your body, you can learn very simple ways to fluff up your own field. If you feel you've taken on too much gunk, use physical exercise or some sort of ritual (a bath, a walk in the night air, toning sounds, singing, prayer, dancing, consciously breathing with an image of cleansing and releasing) to return your own energy to yourself.

I like the image of being surrounded by a permeable but protective field of energy, one that dances with color and light, hums with my own coherent tune--lots of coherent frequencies and sounds dancing on my skin and all around it. All the love and sweetness, prayers and smiles, good wishes and gratitude, that has ever been sent my way is attached to it. This field insulates me from whatever I don't want or need, but allows in whatever is nourishing or needed. And I can pull it in tightly to me or open it up to fill a room if need be. I can make it denser or lighter with my intention. But, as you probably have noticed, I like imagery and use it easily and automatically. If you want a quick, mechanical way to fluff up your own field, get out in nature or sing in a chorus; practice tai chi or ride in your car with the top down, singing rock and roll at the top of your lungs. It doesn't always have to be some purely spiritual activity, but it does have to be you. And you can only know what that is by being home, in your body, aware of your own internal experience.

I hope this helps. As I said, it's simple but not necessarily easy, especially if you've spent a lot of time being "away." Good luck!

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Belleruth Naparstek
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