Keeping the Flame Alive

A filmmaker takes us inside her ancient faith, where a fierce struggle rages between tradition and the forces of change.


09/30/2010 03:32:52 PM

There are many sects but for those who claim Hinduism with it's millions of gods, Islam with it's capricious and unknowable god, Buddhism with no god, and Christianity with one God who pre-existed all and created all who seeks fellowship with His children are all equally true and valid all I can say is that may be the most insane belief possible. To believe mutually exclusive ideas are all true is a definition of insanity. Christianity is totally exclusive, Jesus Christ would be considered a bigot by today;s liberals as He said He was God and the only path to the Father, the only source of eternal life.


09/30/2010 03:25:51 PM

The information here is incorrect, there are no written records on this earth as old as 3000 B,C. and the Chinese were worshiping one God in 2250 B.C. The Chinese worshiped Shang Ti, the one God, creator of heaven and earth in the temple of heaven many continued to do so until 1911 when the last white bull was sacrificed. This ancient monotheism is unmistakably similar to Judaism and the historical events of the Jewish Bible from creation through the flood to Abraham and Issac are recorded in the ancient language. When 'scholars" presuppose that all religions are false they have to present polytheism as the original despite the evidence that is untrue.


04/12/2009 02:26:18 AM

My Grand Father used to tell me 50 years ago during our family reunions when I would ask "why" there were so many different Churches in our Community & why there was so many different points of view on Religion in our family...,( more than 150 at least), My Grand father would just say " Well Son, it's like this; GOD didn't create Religions man did... With that said: I have always believed each of us have a right to our own thoughts, and beliefs... If a man or woman wants to join a " certain" group because they believe along the same lines they should be allowed to do so. Because in the end it is my personal feeling we aren't going to be asked " WHAT" Religion we practiced here on Earth; rather there will be a moment of silence & all we'll here is " Welcome Home".. I tell my Grand Children the same thing & I too believe I will one day meet my Grand Father again & I'll say to him "Pap you were right all along !" If only people would believe this, I believe Millions of lives would be spared because of the hatred many folks carry around inside of them.& their wanting to KILL someone for believing differently... All I ask is for anyone to consider this thought & to think about it... It just might be the Path we all need to take before it's to late...