The Red Carpet Welcomes Christian Movies

Hollywood is producing more Christian themed movies and these films are breaking box office records.

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Hollywood isn’t slowing down either; there are several blockbuster films in development. Russell Crowe will star in the movie “Noah”, Steven Spielberg is scheduled to direct “Gods and Kings” centered on Moses and Will Smith will make his directing debut depicting the story of Cain and Abel in the movie “The Redemption of Cain.” As more and more Christian films succeed, there will only be more willing production companies and celebrities signing up for the parts.

We as a population want everything to be reenacted and we yearn to relate to current and historical events; ultimately we all want relevance. This is proven with movies that depict love, war, humor and now religion because all of those subjects are relatable to real life. Even though we live our lives first hand we ache for life to be conceptualized and that’s what the cinema does.
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