Some Ask if Atheists Are the New Fundamentalists

In explaining why religion is bad, critics argue, atheists leave little room for explaining how a godless worldview can be good.


07/15/2011 09:04:25 PM

God is not a four-letter word!! My experience with some athiests is they are easily offended and pushy, same as fundamentalist religions. I will not say that all of them are like that, I don't know them all. But with the millitant ones just the mention of God is enough to set them off, even if nobody is trying to convert them. Why should I have to worry about being "politically correct" so I will not offend anyone? I have been on a message board support group that is not religious but people will say to one another "I'll pray for you" or "God has helped me so much." Nobody is trying to convert anyone, they are gestures of support and bring comfort to people. But if an athiest comes on, all hell beaks loose (no pun intended). Then all of us who are believers are made to feel guilty about it and expected to apologize!!! Why? My philosophy is to respect a person's belief system even if I don't agree. I extend that to athiests too. But for some reason I don't get that in return. I will not apologize for my faith!


04/10/2009 07:35:33 PM

Atheism is not: new, a school of thought, a philosophy, a religion, fundamentalist, a threat, evangelical, or anything else. Atheism is just not believing in religion. The 'new atheists' are the same as the old atheists. We are speaking out now, because we can finally do so without fear of death. Religion must die if the civilization is to survive. But that doesn't mean we hope to kill it. We expect that it will destroy itself someday, or be relegated to charming but harmless cults in remote cloisters. We urge moderates to confront fundamentalism, not because we want to take over the world, but because is dangerous and they won't listen to us. I am so tired of hearing people talk about us like we some kind of organized army, massing on the horizon to destroy the church. Atheists have little in common other than their disbelief in gods. We don't get together on Sundays and plot the destruction of faith in America or anywhere else. Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins et al, don't use rhetoric, preach a dogma or do anything other than ask what reason do we really have for believing, and what good has it done us. They are not leaders, preachers or cult personalities. They are academics who have made very practical arguments about why its probably a good idea to abandon religion. In any other field of study their books would be looked at as boring fact filled treatises. But because they dare to critically study religion the faith-based world (and this site) have projected status on them they never asked for and don't deserve. I read these books. And they are refreshing and exciting because they discuss openly and without fear subjects that are pointlessly taboo. I think the faith-based world has registered the sucess of these books and are in an absolute tizzy about how to confront that. Atheism has been growing rapidly over the last ten years and these books are not the cause, but a symptom of a world sick and tired with religious zealotry from the middle-east to the bible belt.