Patriotic Atheists

Nonbelievers are uncomfortable as the U.S. turns more to religion.

No matter how well it's sung, "God Bless America" strikes a sour note with atheists. And when President Bush calls on the nation to pray, they cringe. As many Americans respond to threats of terrorism with increased religious fervor, committed unbelievers feel besieged.

Being Atheist in America After 9/11

Members discuss religion, church and state, and mourning on the message boards.

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"I think every American has a right as an individual to have a God Bless America poster," said Ed Buckner, executive director of the Council for Secular Humanism. "But when they're put on public buildings, it's an affront to atheists. It's a personal insult to act as if we have to agree with you or we're not good patriotic Americans."


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