10 Things Even Atheists Can Love About Church

Amanda Westmont and Joel Gunz of the blog 'Year of Sundays' share the 10 things that they love about church, even though they're atheists.


07/18/2011 01:17:32 PM

I have to say after reading one of the comments that I am not lost nor is Jesus lost and I as well as countless others take offense to bible thumping natzies coming on here and saying They had better find Jesus before its to late. Who are you to throw that at people if you believe it great but just cause you do doesn't mean others have to.


07/17/2011 03:26:02 PM

If you're an atheist and any of this sounds good to you, you might want to check out your local Unitarian Universalist church. The coffee and conversation are usually good, and no one will try to come after your soul. Atheists welcome. In fact, you may find one in the pulpit.


07/17/2011 03:18:01 PM

I was kind of floored when I read this. At first I was angry, but then I realized... these people are obviously searching for something. They can't be that bored! I hope they find Jesus before it's too late.


07/15/2011 04:16:45 PM

nnn123-If you think they are ONLY doing this project to mock people, then you didn't read much of their blog.


07/15/2011 08:42:32 AM

I am neither Christian nor Catholic, but I do enjoy walking into some of the older “houses of god”; especially the Mission San Juan Capistrano in California. There was an energy associated with the experience that seemed to transcend a specific creed or dogma. JCB


07/15/2011 06:09:47 AM

well, it is easy to try and deconstruct my quick words, if you want, if you have that kind of time and are that bored. Yes, Franklin clearly was opposed to the trappings of organized religion, but that has absolutely nothing to do with my point...which was simply that minds of great logic do indeed believe in God and that atheism really tries very hard to avoid confronting that fact. That was one point. The main point is that it is rude, to go into the place of someone else's gathering and "crash it." It is juvenile. If you hate golf and you go to some golf party just to mock it...you are a three year old. If you hate Jews and go to some event just to snicker behind their backs, you are rude. These people are three year olds. They should not be celebrated. Atheism is a real problem. It obstructs people getting help from God. If you don't believe in God, fine. But then, why exactly are you visiting this website, unless, like the three year olds above, you enjoy making fun of people you don't like....


07/15/2011 12:55:36 AM

I am not an atheist and I found this blog to be both humorous and interesting.


07/14/2011 12:59:07 PM

"Benjamin Franklin and Isaac Newton, two of the world's greatest geniuses in math and in science both believed in God." ******************************* Benjamin Franklin also said: "As to Jesus of Nazareth, my Opinion of whom you particularly desire, I think the System of Morals and his Religion...has received various corrupting Changes, and I have, with most of the present dissenters in England, some doubts as to his Divinity; tho' it is a question I do not dogmatize upon, having never studied it, and think it needless to busy myself with it now, when I expect soon an opportunity of knowing the Truth with less trouble." Historians consider him, like so many great Americans of his time, to be a Deist, not a Christian, but you are correct. SOURCE: Benjamin Franklin, A Biography in his Own Words, edited by Thomas Fleming, p. 404, (1972, Newsweek, New York, NY) quoting letter by BF to Exra Stiles March 9, 1970. and he said this: "I have found Christian dogma unintelligible. Early in life I absented myself from Christian assemblies." [Benjamin Franklin, in _Toward The Mystery_] and: "The way to see by Faith is to shut the eye of Reason." [Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard, 1758] and: "Lighthouses are more helpful than churches."


07/14/2011 11:30:57 AM

So, church isn't about the theology anymore? Good to know. We can cut out the sermons and just have lunch then.


07/14/2011 06:29:55 AM

Frankly, I think it is very very rude of atheists to presume that they know everything, that the religious are merely "quaint wackos" and that it is their place to enter into church activities and put their spin on our world. Benjamin Franklin and Isaac Newton, two of the world's greatest geniuses in math and in science both believed in God. They are two of the world's greatest minds of logical deduction, far beyond that of any modern atheist...and both came to the conclusion that God exists, as do many Phd's. in the scientific field. If someone wants to be an atheist, just hang around with other atheists and do whatever it is you do. This is no different than a couple of loud-mouth art haters walking into a museum to mock the art. It is rude and has no place. And, frankly, here it is called "BeliefNet" - not "No-Belief Net" - there are plenty of places online where people can go to support their atheism. This place should not be one of them.