What Do Scientologists Believe?

A look at the main tenets of Scientology.


12/13/2013 12:22:03 AM

I don't think belief net should be promoting this cult. By all means warn people what it teaches but remember it is a dangerous cult which is all about money.


12/12/2013 03:25:59 PM

False religion


07/09/2013 02:10:03 PM

I have no problem with people having their own religious beliefs but when they trample on my rights, I object. I am a mental health consumer who went out and gathered signatures to get the Mental Health Services Act on the ballot in California. It passed, thank God. It is a one percent tax on people who make more than a million dollars a year. But the Scientology website deliberately lied about what this act is for. It is funding for mental health social centers that are run by mental health consumers.. They provide needed support to help people get on their feet again. I used to in fact help run one of these centers. So this does not fund psychiatrists who are paid through insurance, medicare, and medicaid. Furthermore I was appalled when they said that most psychiatrists are rapists. Why should anyone trust an organization that lies? I would not be where I am today if it weren't for taking medications. It has been a life saver for me and anyone who thinks these medications don't work is ignorant of the facts. If anyone is interested in learning more about what supportive systems exist for those who are dealing with mental illness and also support for families and friends. Here are some good resources: Mental Health America www.mentalhealthamercia.net National Alliance on Mental Illness www.nami.org Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance www.dbsalliance.org


08/23/2012 04:58:32 AM

Hahahahahahahahahaha good "god" i agree total nut jobs. Hahahahahahahahahaha religion is the worst thing MAN ever created to try and make sense of the world. Hahahahahahaha ssooooo sad its funny! And the latest ones are even more far fetched. Any religion especially one my grandfather cas say, "yeah i remember when they made that one up" is top shelf shizz. Hahahahahahaha plus most of these jokers only go because of community pressure or some weird status positioning. Hahahahahahaha and most are terrible people. Not necessarily worse than any other but just by the fact that they claim to follow whatever teachings their church pushes and treat others like shizz. I mean these jokers ask me about my beliefs and i tell them im not religious, they ask why and i tell them. I never ask about their beliefs since ive read quita a bit concerning the the main principals of the 5 biggist religions but they insist on telling me. I dont want to hear this crap from people who dont follow anything they try to tell me. Be religious, treat others with respect and love, be happy and love ur god(s) but please quit pushing it on the ones who dont ask for it :) hahahahahaha still funny though, you nuts


07/05/2012 10:08:06 PM

To have the LDS church linked to Scientology is a complete lack of education on the two religions. LDS people believe in God the Father, and His Son Jesus Christ and in the Holy Ghost. We believe they are one in purpose, not one in body. We believe in loving God with all our hearts, mights, minds, and strengths, and loving others. We believe we can express our love to God by serving one another and keeping His commandment. We do not serve others or serve positions in our church by demanding payment from its members, it is all voluntary. We believe in modern medicine and technology to benefit Gods children (all of us). We believe we come from Him, we are His and He wants us to return to Him by providing a Savior for us who is Jesus Christ is only Begotten Son. Jesus Christ our redeemer from death and sin.


07/02/2012 08:11:47 PM

Zephyr, you couldn't be more wrong about the LDS Church. I am a senior in religious studies who took a class on Mormonism just this past spring. Latter-day Saints are secretive about their faith for a reason: they believe that talking about temple rituals destroys their sanctity. Baptism of the dead is practiced, but the official position is that this baptism only gives the deceased the CHOICE to become Mormon; it is not a requirement. Refusal may occur. Finally, the idea that they will have their own planets is considered "popular doctrine" and is not officially sanctioned by the Church. Mind you, I am not Mormon--I'm Pagan. However when someone offends me because of ignorance, I feel the need to call them out on it and correct their misconceptions. Scientology is little more than a cult, in my opinion, to bring my comment on-topic.


07/02/2012 06:27:13 PM

Any religion that has to be so secretive about what it teaches their followers is suspicious in my book. I have a real problem with relgions like Scientology and the LDS church for those very reasons. In some ways, the two relgions are the same: Scientologists believe they can reach a God like state by perfecting themselves through the church's teachings. LDS believe that eventually after lving by the church's teaching, remaining "temple worthy", sealing their families together and baptizing members of the family who did not embrace the faith in this life, they can push themselves up the ladder of the celestial kingdom and eventually "Heavenly Father" will make them Gods and let them rule their own little planets or universes. This is where I have a problem with both. The first lie Satan told mankind in the garden of Edan was, "Your eyes will become open and you shall be as Gods." Only God can be God or a God. We will forever be God's creation and nothing more.


06/30/2012 04:48:22 PM

Nut jobs. Plan and simple.


12/20/2011 08:12:44 PM

Scientology is a filthy, rotten, money-grubbing cult, and nothing even close to a religion. It is a pyramid scam of epic proportions. I cannot understand why it is even included on beliefnet in the first place.


10/04/2011 06:28:19 PM

Where did this statement come from????? L Ron Hubbard wrote millions of words on Scientology and life. If you look you can find what he actually wrote about the subject. Just go to Scientology.net. If you can't find a relevant quote on the website just use the contact screen and someone will get back to you with an actual quote.


10/04/2011 06:24:00 PM

Re: Basic Beliefs Just read Dianetics. Engrams are not stored in the brain. And the statement about beliefs is so vague. This does not "release" the thetan as if it were in a cage. If you are going to put data up on this site can you please get it right?


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