Scientology and the Travolta Tragedy

A Scientologist explains the church's views on autism, medical care, and life after death.


05/24/2011 01:43:51 AM

Good thinking about Scientology.Today's Scientology can built up good future bathtubs


10/26/2009 02:31:57 PM

I believe scientology is to religion what AMWAY is to legitamite business.


05/22/2009 01:24:03 AM

Having lost a child myself my heart goes out to the Travolta family, especially if the boy was in need of special care for the bonding was much closer and intense then? If Scientology is their religion that is their choice, and believe me no Church or anyone can dictate to you when it comes to life and death of a child, not if you are human? You will do anything to save that child no matter what. But their religious beliefs are their business and to pick them apart for their beliefs or even suggest their beliefs in a religion makes their son's death because of the religion or their beliefs in unconsciencable. People need to express their sympathy and that is all! The rest is none of their business at all!


04/15/2009 10:51:43 PM

I believe that the bible says , once to death,then judgement.Jesus was resurrected with a physical body.When Jesus returns with the holy angels in the clouds every eye shall behold him. If you don't have Jesus as your Lord and saviour, you will be sorry. That is the only way you can be reconciled to God. I'm afraid if Jett Travolta didn't believe in Jesus, he is in trouble. This is God's word, and no one can change it but God. Thank you, Denise


01/11/2009 08:41:03 AM

Scientologists ought to look at the latest brain research. We understand, now, what happens biologically in the brain when you take an SSRI or a hallucinogen. We can observe through fMRIs how brains work under various psychological influences (such as having certain images flashed on screen that elicit a brain response) and drug influences. We now know much more about the mind/body and body/mind connection than we did when L. Ron Hubbard created this "religion." We even know that emotions have a biological reality in the body. It's very sad when people choose dogma over science and discovery--what is the reason? Fear? Does your world fall apart when you realize your dogma has been contradicted by new information? Very sad.


01/09/2009 05:53:16 PM

Tommy you are full of it, here it is from the 'source' L.Ron himself, pay particular attention to around 0:55, do you under stand the phrase "you'll have to go off that drug"? that means that your lord and master specificly addressed anti-sezure medication. It's all there black and white clear as crystal, your 'Church' tells it's followers "you'll have to go off that drug", that's IT no wiggle room. you get nothing. you lose. good day sir.


01/08/2009 05:31:29 PM

frgough Hi frgough, nice to meet you. I don’t think I’ve seen you around before. I notice that your profile is completely blank. Is it new? You have made a contradictory statement regarding the previous comment made my Mr. Davis, a representative of the Church of Scientology International. Mr. Davis said, “You ask any psychiatrist, do you have any kind of biological test or scientific test to back up your diagnosis? The psychiatrist will tell you no, no there isn't. Psychiatrists don’t have any such thing.” I just gave an example of a condition that is diagnosed by clinical psychiatrists, in a hospital setting, with a biological root. The operative words are: clinical psychiatrists. Because it is a mental illness. With a biological basis. Clinical psychiatrists specialize in that. They are the doctors to whom patients suspected of suffering with this illness are referred to. In your post you go on to suggest that psychiatrists just don’t want to be told they are ‘quacks’, yet you do not acknowledge the various branches of psychiatry. The blanket-statement you use to dismiss the entire profession is quite similar to Mr. Davis’ erroneous comment. My point; just as it would be specious to suggest that ‘all doctors do is treat head colds’ (because there are numerous specialities in the field of medicine), so too is it ignorant to suggest that all psychiatrists sit in offices writing prescriptions for Prozac. I understand you meant the ‘Prozac’ comment as an example, but let us drop the pretences. I suppose denying rape victims access to psychotherapists, or firing all FBI Forensic Psychiatrists (who profile dangerous criminals for law enforcement to assist in their capture) would make you happy? Perhaps you think “touch healing” tents are all the “real world” needs. I respectfully disagree.


01/08/2009 02:37:33 PM

I am so sorry about the insensity of the world media and the way they have handle this heartfelt time of Jett's family. If they have kept this as a family situation for sixteen years. It should have remain silent for the family to grieve in their own privacy. It is not about their religious preference. It is about a family privacy being invaded. My prayers and sympathy goes out to this family for not putting their children out for public display. I ask the family to forgive the media because of their meddling into their private arena. I have the higest regards for John and his wife for keeping their children out of the public limelights. Jett was a handsome young man.


01/08/2009 11:36:19 AM

NightLad, Mental illnesses where there is a biological vector are considered medicine by Scientologists from my understanding. Thus Aspergers would be considered medical because there is a neurological basis, and there is active research into the biological causes of the disorder. So, bipolar, schizophrenia, etc. where there are actual physiological causes fall under the purview of medicine. But, here's the rub why Scientology gets the rap it does: One, psychiatrists don't like being told they are quacks, and, two, most media mogul's wives are on Prozac because of said psychologists and don't want to face the possibility they might have been scammed. You see, in the real world, the boy who cried out the emperor has no clothes would be killed by the mob who had pretended otherwise in order to spare them the embarrassment of being proven gullible.


01/08/2009 07:41:11 AM

There are numerous media reports that Jett Travolta was taking Depakote (valproate), a medication used for both epilepsy (a Scientology-accepted disease) and bipolar disorder (a Scientology-denied disease). If there was evidence the Travoltas were using Depakote to treat Jett for bipolar disorder -- or even if they were treating him for epilepsy but with an "unapproved" drug -- could they be excommunicated (so to speak) from the Church of Scientology?


01/07/2009 07:41:57 PM

Psychiatrists say that. You ask any psychiatrist, do you have any kind of biological test or scientific test to back up your diagnosis? The psychiatrist will tell you no, no there isn't. Psychiatrists don’t have any such thing. What is this guys qualification to make such a broad and baseless comment? There are numerous biological causes for a large range of psychiatric disorders. Several forms of bipolar disorder are typically marked by an imbalance in serotonin and neuron communication within the brain, which is perceivable and often diagnosed with the assistance of an MRI – ordered by a clinical psychiatrist. That’s just one example of many I could mention. I won’t waste much breath debunking the ratings of this individual, but I will say this; L. Ron Hubbard died with psychiatric medication (Vistaril) in his bloodstream. Check out the coroner’s report here: The saddest thing about the Travolta loss is that the CoS teaches that people who achieve the level of ‘clarity’ John [supposedly] has are no longer able to become ill. I guess his son had not paid for enough ‘lessons’ yet.


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