Mind Over Matter

How Scientology's founder science-fiction writer, L. Ron Hubbard, created a religion of individualism and personal power.


05/14/2011 09:06:43 PM

As a Scientologist I would like to offer a few comments regarding this article. As a somewhat minor point I would like to mention that in the developement of the subject of Scientology the term "Thetan" (spirit) was brought into the subject by Mr Hubbard in 1952. This preceeds the organizations refering to themselves as churches by several years As the subject of Scientology now included the topic of the spirit (you) and it's(your) relationship to the rest of existence the subject was at that tme better described as a religious study or religous philosophy.Organizations involved with this subject then in 1954 subsequently were named churches. As a much more significant point I would like to point out that the subject of Scientology(including Dianetics) which are recorded in many books,recorded lectures as well as many other articles all of which written by L Ron Hubbard is the subject of Scientology and while related should not be confused with the various organizations which over the years have with greater or lesser success tried to use the subject and which refer to themselves as the church of scientology. It should be noted as well that the practices of the church may or may not represent the subject.correctly . This is especially more evident over the last several decades or so. There are a number of web sites, Media interviews etc which document significant policy deviations of the Church of Scientology(as overseen by David Miscavige) from the subject developed by Mr Hubbard . So the major point I'm making is there is a distinct difference between the subject as developed by Mr Hubbard and the Church of Scientology. If you look around or ask people you will ordinarily find that most people find the subject very interesting and useful . Personally it wouldn't matter for me whether he had also been a dish washer, car salesman, catholic priest, convienience store clerk or ditch digger (the developer(tesler) of AC electricity used today dug ditches prior to release of his developement which lights your world today and runs your computer while you read this) . I have found the subject Scientology very useful. As far as the church of scientology goes , it appears that the way it has been directed by David Miscavige( including changes made by same over the last several decades or more) it is not representative of the subject developed by Mr Hubbard and therefore could very easily influence a persons view of "Scientology" in an adverse way. What the Chuch of Scientology is doing or has done especially under Mr Miscaviges direction is not the same as the subject of scientology as developed by Mr Hubbard.


03/07/2007 09:56:47 PM

It's important for a person to find out for themselves about Scientology. Scientology is an applied religious philosophy. That means it's for use. Try it and see. You don't have to take the words of others though you can always go to a local church and ask to see the success stories. But see for yourself. Look. That's what's important, not somebody else's opinion.


03/20/2006 02:21:14 PM

I love the part of their mythology about Xenu and the frozen aliens in the volcanoes .................... Jeez, how gullible do you have to be to believe something like that?


12/06/2005 12:37:20 PM

think for your self, read the book and talk to them. any person with little education would try it and get results with it. oh this natural clear i would love to see the data on that even being possible. of course soem folks can fake out a lie detector i would assume that that method could produce a bad reading from the e-meter


12/06/2005 12:32:43 PM

the stuff works dont like people fool you all you can do it try it adn if it works and you like it get clear, if you dont wanna deal wiht xeno then dont go to the OT levels. besides if you are against the big bucks church that does not mean that it doen not work. i am not even say havea open mind, just caseu soem one is a scientolgist does not men the swollow it whole and dont chew on it.


12/06/2005 12:32:30 PM

scientology is no weirder then christian religion and definatly not weirder then paganism. you dont have to pay a dime to get clear. if you dont believe that read dianetics for your self. all these pro-drug people usally know little about the drugs you support your just toxifing your selves. all this money that they charge is outragious but then there is the freezone. look that up. i am a orthodox christian and i am in the freezone infact i have no connection with the church and never have. i have tryed it with open eyes and trust me i am not open to anything strange and i just let it flow and do some auditing.


08/15/2005 09:20:06 PM

Scientologists do not worship counselling! That is ridiculous.


07/11/2005 02:51:52 PM

It's interesting how Scientology takes from psychoanalysis, which took from Catholic Confession. Through confession, a soul could come nearer to God by discharging the sin that puts man and God at arm's length. But confession never dealt with other matters troubling the soul. If it wasn't a sin, Christianity didn't have a way to exorcise it. Psychoanalysis turned confession into therapy - but only as a treatment for maladaptive behavior. Ironically, Christianity has incorporated the tools of psychology to help its ministers in their role as "counselors." It's amazing how many ministers are, in fact, trained in psychology - allowing them to provide an umbrella of "spiritual guidance" that deals with sin and personal issues. Scientology is the first (and perhaps the only) religion to drop the "sin therapy" of confession and focus entirely on "personal issues." It's a religion based on counseling, one that has turned counseling into a form of worship.


07/11/2005 02:35:14 PM

Even if derivative of psychoanalysis, Scientology gets one thing right: The ghosts of our past haunt us in the present, interfering with our ability to cope. These ghosts not only clutter our perception. They influence the way we deal with the present. By reading more into a situation than it merits, we run the risk of grabbing the wrong tool and executing the wrong response. That, in turn, runs the risk of linking failures, till they become a train of heavy baggage, "haunting" us into the future. In the end, no success cheers us up. All failures condemn us.


07/10/2005 09:32:22 AM

Well said, BillThinks!!! Bottom line, if it works for someone, it's valid....and if it didn't work for someone, chances are it wouldn't have survived for fifty years....much like Wicca. Having said that, L Ron was...um...an 'interesting character', with a 'colorful past'. But you find that in a lot of spiritual leaders, too. On a side note...I had the opportunity to freak out a whole center full of Scientologists once....went in for the free 'engram reading' and, now get this, tested out as a 'natural clear'! They even decided the machine needed recalibration, brought in another machine, tested me again.....same results. They were totally flummoxed (especially since I freely admitted I had been unconscious several times), and found it impossible to sell me any books.


07/10/2005 01:51:19 AM

I once read a book called "broken Child", in which the author tells the story of her father, who she says abused her and many others, and that she witnessed him killing women, back in the 50's. She mentions in her book that her father was a friend of L.Ron Hubbards,pre-"Dianetics", and that he and her father knew each other from the porn industry and underworld of LA. Has anyone else ever heard anything about his life before his "enlightenment"?


07/08/2005 10:45:12 PM

When I look at Scientology, I see a philosophy that has ripped off psychoanalsysis, then added mythology to ensure its status as a religion. When I read accounts of how people have been ripped off, abused, harrassed, sued, and the rest, I am hardly surprised. And yet, I am not surprised to read the statements of the Scientology faithful, that Scientology has changed their lives. It's easy to dismiss such testimonials as the utterances of the brainwashed, but perhaps there's more to it than that. All religion is a form of theft. If Scientology has stolen from psychoanalysis, Freud stole from Catholicism (with its use of confession as a holy sacrament). Catholicism stole from Judaism (with its Hebrew Bible, priests and rituals). Judaism stole from the indigenous religions of Canaan. (Solomon's Temple was built by the Philistines, not by the Jews.) Religion is not about origins or authenticity. It's about practice, which is why the "truth" of any faith is to be found in the lives of the faithful.


07/08/2005 12:08:37 PM

There is a difference between knowing the path and walking it. One need only to study and apply Scientology to observe and experience its benefits.


07/06/2005 04:44:35 PM

Azyuwish, Sadly, the McPherson story is one of them many that my friend and I came across during his research into the "church". It sickened me to read her story. . .heartbreaking. You seem to know a good deal about the craziness, too :) Scary, isn't it? Guess everyone's entitled to their own opinion. I know what mine is!! Thanks for the insight and take care, gina


07/06/2005 10:44:10 AM

Cindydiscgirl, YOU are absolutely correct. Scientology is a "religion" (cough, cough) begun by a Sci-Fi writer and its ultimate tenets are that humans are infected with the ghosts of dead space aliens and that Xenu was their leader. Also they teach that when humans die their souls go to a place in outer space, a planet where we are all herded into a large movie theater to watch a film about the life of Jesus Christ. Supposedly this is a fiction that we are all "taught" between lifetimes on Earth. L Ron Hubbard was once quoted as saying that "If you want to get rich, start your own religion." And it is also true that when people pay thousands upon thousands of dollars to find out the spiritual "Truth" and hear about Xenu and the Marcabs (space alien race) some of them freak out, to include jumping out of windows to their death. Check out "Lisa McPherson" on the web. She was held by this "church" and denied medical treatment and she died at their hands. the COS got off though.


07/06/2005 08:18:16 AM

I agree with JanieJane. It is ridiculous to pay for those courses. We are truly living in the last days. Come quickly Lord Jesus! John 3:16


07/05/2005 08:36:39 PM

FINALLY. . .SORRY FOR THE BROKEN-UP MESS THIS TURNED OUT TO BE. . . As a side note, I did once get "audited" at a flea market, not knowing what it was. I was put on a mailing list when I did this, and have been receiving mailings from the "church" ever since, despite moving (across several states!) at least 5 times. Talk about persistant!! And that was ten years ago!! (I've never done anything to encourage these mailings. . .they just follow me EVERYWHERE!!) So, if you're curious, here are the links. . . http://www.xenu.net/archive/OTIII-scholar/minton-essay.txt http://www.xenu.net/archive/infopack/6.htm As I said, there is a TON of info out there. . .just Google any of the following: Xenu L Ron Hubbard Scientology Thetan Operating Thetan Peace to all. I think its a good idea to educate ourselves before making any claims/decisions in life, don't you? Happy reading :)


07/05/2005 08:35:09 PM

CONTINUED FROM BELOW And of course, Scientologists would simply call me an "SP" (supressive person) because I am speaking out in a manner that they likely feel is unfair/unjust. To that I say, I am not preaching ANYTHING, not claiming there is one religion superior to all others. And we've all seen and heard enough about Scientology and the good it has brought to the lives of those who practice it, so I feel it is only fair to point out that there is plenty of evidence that many people have had quite the opposite experience. Again, I am only listing a couple of websites. If you do a Google search, you can find TONS of information (my friend actually compiled so much that he printed it and had it bound into book form!) This research was to protect himself, not to 'destroy' or cause harm to the "church". He needed to know what he was getting involved in (business-wise) with a particular company that happens to subscribe to the Hubbard "tech".


07/05/2005 08:33:13 PM

CONTINUED FROM BELOW--SORRY I REALIZE ITS BACKWARDS THIS WAY :( There's a good reason why the majority of Scientologists are wealthy (celebraties, etc). It isn't cheap to join this "religion". And the worst part is, you don't have a CLUE what you're "in for" until you reach those "upper levels" (OT 8). But when you do, OH BOY!! No wonder Tom Cruise is rumored to have had a breakdown a couple years back when he reached OT3. . . If you had sunk a ton of money into a system you had full faith in, only to be told that there is an alien power ruling over the world, I bet you'd be pretty upset, too! Maybe you'd even have a breakdown! I sure would!! POST CONTINUED ABOVE--TOO LONG FOR ONE MSG


07/05/2005 08:32:31 PM

I would like to know where Mr Cruise got his degree. I know for a fact that there is chemical imbalance. It caused me to have a hysterectomy and also is the cause of my depression. MY condolences flyingdove... I hope he suffers from night sweats when he reaches 50!.


07/05/2005 08:30:55 PM

Just wanted to put in my 'two cents' here since we're on the topic of Scientology. . . Up until about a year ago, I considered myself to be pretty ignorant of the whole "religion" that "LRon" concocted. . .then something occurred in a close friend's professional life that required a bit of digging on his part to discover what is beneath the surface of an otherwise seemingly harmless following. What he found out was utterly SHOCKING. The article here mentions something about Operating Thetans. There are 8 levels (if I recall correctly, I don't have the information in front of me). What they don't TELL YOU before you spend HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS to reach the highest level is. . .well, I guess I should have no fear of reproach, right? Not like they're gonna hunt me down and kill me. . . POST CONTINUED--TOO LONG FOR ONE POST


07/05/2005 07:26:14 PM

what i ment about hopeing tom cruise having a baby is what he said about depression that you can take vitamen and etc. for it. brook shields had post op depression and i have and many others also have had it and it don't just go away by its self. it took me seven years before i come out of it after i lost my baby and had to have an emergency uterious removel that stopped me from having any more children. tom cruise doesn't have a right to criticize any thing are one if he hasn't been thru it and then if he ever goes thru depression(real depression) i believe he will aplogize to any and everyone he has put down for taking antidepressants. we have no right to tell anyone what they should do are shouldn't do. we should be more loyal and help that person get thru these kind of things.love to all!


07/05/2005 06:48:59 PM

I am a Scientologist and I will always be one. No matter what anyone does or say to me, I will stick with Scientology. Scientology HAS HELPED ME BE A BETTER PERSON THAN I USED TO BE.


07/05/2005 06:41:26 PM

i have laughed my self nearly to the floor( not making fun of what you say its how you say it) about this so called freedom religion that tom cruise is in to. god only knows i pray he finds the real jesus christ before its to late. i pray god lets him carry a baby for nine months and his leader too and don't ever get sick because they don't believe in putting people down that has to take antidepressants and it helps with depression just like antibiotics do infections and etc. you sure want find me in this so call religion.


07/05/2005 03:47:58 PM

I think it's absolutely ridiculous that one has to pay money to obtain knowledge or to "move up" in Scientology. No religion should charge for its knowledge. For instance, you can check out a Bible, Koran, or even the Book of Mormon at your local library for free. You can attend worship services at just about any religion for free. When I used to attend a Baptist church, the only thing I had to pay for were seminars or retreats. And in those situations you were paying for lodging or food (or whatever), not for the acquisition of knowledge. Real religions don't charge people to learn their teachings. When I went to the Church of Scientology's web site, instead of describing the "church's" beliefs, it directed you to take a course or buy a book. That right there shows what its aims are.


07/05/2005 01:51:50 PM

It seems prettyful has summed it up nicely - Let Tom Cruise preach about what I believe (Jesus, Allah,Brahma, whatever) and he's a good guy . Let him preach about something I don't believe and OH, MY!! It must be SATAN!!! Get a grip. No religion can be proven to be true. Not yours - not his. If one religion could be PROVEN to be true then all the other religions would become obsolete. Obviously that hasn't happened.


07/05/2005 01:34:54 PM

I believe that if Tom Kruse spoke as much and as fervently for Jesus Christ as he does L. Ron Hubbard's so called "religion", he could set the world on fire. This is another example of how Satan can blind people to the truth.


07/05/2005 12:38:21 PM

Wow, Alanzo, you personally know 7 or 8 people who could dish out over $400,000 each? Who are you running around with, Paris Hilton?


07/01/2005 11:18:57 AM

May Lisa rest in peace in the arms of the angels.


07/01/2005 11:12:29 AM

I've been reading the log and reports on Lisa MacPhersons death and am finding that this religion is very disturbing. This poor girl who was clearly mentally and physically ill was isolated from the outside world for close to a month. Though fellow "church" members were present to see that she received protein shakes and vitamins, they administered care without compassion. That is, it was devoid of a kind or comforting word. Does the world not see that RL Hubbard has spawned yet another religious cult?


06/30/2005 01:30:44 PM

So they go after people who speak against their format, in a very serious way.


06/29/2005 09:08:21 PM

Secondly, most of the money spend is to pay staff members actually. The staff are paid 30% of the money their orgs make. About the same amount is sent uplines or put under management control, the rest goes to rent etc. Staff almost invariably get paid far less than a livable income. Much of the money brought in by CofS doesn't go through the lower orgs which are often very poor and struggling to pay their rent, it comes from higher level orgs that use the lower ones as feeders, or through straight donation fundraising.


06/29/2005 08:17:26 PM

The movement started in 1950 as Dianetics, when [L. Ron] Hubbard published his book "Dianetics," originally in a science-fiction magazine, "Astounding Science Fiction." What was published in Astounding was NOT the book Dianetics, it was a two part article Called "Terra Incognita: The Mind".


06/29/2005 04:29:07 AM

Thinking about it, I think I need to cash in on religon too. I think I'll base it around alcohol abuse and hedonism. Flock to me my children!


06/28/2005 11:23:44 PM

so "Total Freedom" is not free? hmmmm... God is free... think about it...


06/28/2005 12:58:51 PM

The way to achieve "Total Freedom" in Scientology is to go up the "Bridge to Total Freedom". That costs over $400,000. I personally know 7 or 8 people who have done this. They are not Totally Free. So why pay all that money? I know many others who have rarely paid a cent for their spiritual progress, and they are much freer and more tolerant and spiritually aware than Tom Cruise or any other Scientologist I know. If you are going to charge that much money - it had better work. It doesn't.


06/28/2005 12:10:09 PM

People tend to believe that Scientology costs allot of money but listen you can get in debt in many ways. College and University tuition is on the rise. People who are drug addicts and alcoholics as well as compulsive gambler's are in debt because of their affliction. In the USA unlike my country, you have private health care, which people can't afford. I don't know, just because it's a religion doesn't mean there isn't that our economic, social rules don't apply. Secondly, most of the money spend is to pay staff members actually. This is the way the church is set up, the money from the goods and service are split and given to staff member who work full time for the church for a certain amount of year. Although I really wish things cost less if not free, it's just the way we're set up. Interesting note, I was into the Kabala for a years, so far I've spend much, much less as a Scientologist then I did paying for extremely expensive courses and donation as a Kabalist.


06/28/2005 11:58:03 AM

I agree, as a Scientologist I believe their services can be costly and honestly if they were free or cost a lot of less I am sure more people would join up. Thankfully, the staff is there to help with strategies and plans to improve your case. Secondly, if anyone is interested, the training route is about ten times less expensive then the processing route and most people take the training route... like myself who is a recent graduate student with no money in my bank accounts and $10,000 in debt. I am still welcome to do courses and be a Scientologist. No one will turn you away if you are broke and in debt like I am. With all the misconceptions about Scientology being so 'expensive', that is something that needs to be said.


06/28/2005 01:29:25 AM

Secondly, what is with the fixation against Psychotherapy and the single minded focus on Psychoanalysis? It's been 64 yeas since the death of Sigmund Freud. His contribution to Psychology as a science is greatly appreciated, but I am afraid, much like Christianity, even psychology had it's schism and reformation. What is the Scientologist Platform Position on the second (Behaviorism) and third (Humanism) movements of Psychology? If a person truely desires to address those "bad memories burned into their mind" they should find a reputable Cognitve therapist or someone who can perform Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). Or, dare I say it? Don't go for a quick fix and find yourself a good Existential Humanist and work on a deeper understanding. Therapy at least might be covered by insurance. Being a student of psychology, I am quite biased, I admit that freely.


06/28/2005 01:28:53 AM

I have two thoughts I would like to add. Firstly, To me, Scientology is nothing new. The concepts of the mind or what makes up a human being have all been laid out the same way before. Nothing revolutionary, new, or astounding. Read up on your classical and ancient philosophy and your eastern religions. It was all there thousands of years before Mr. Hubbard. Library books are cheap as free.


06/27/2005 05:54:43 PM

Violence creates violence or 'What you sow you shall reap" or "thoughts in mind, produce like in kind" or the first line of the Dharmapada tell of how our thoughts create our reality. This is a basic Truth that can be found in most all religions and a basic spiritual principal. Why would a religion have a "fair game" policy to anyone who disagrees with them? Why would they create problems for the person who disagrees or offends them? It simply perpetuates the problem. It also attracts whatever they give out? Spirituality is free. God makes this available to anyone if they just have a personal relationship with"him." Also, Scientology says that we are all one, which I agree is truth. Therefore our actions, thoughts, etc. affect everyone. Is there any guidance in the respect of forgiveness, helping others, etc?


06/27/2005 01:22:24 PM

L. Ron Hubbard died with a 100 million dollar estate. When he died, he had around 5,000 church staffers working for him for free on "billion year contracts", with no health insurance or retirement of any kind. They work a 70-80 hour week, get room and board, and $50 per week. Those staff members who leave staff, for whatever reason, are labeled as "degraded beings" and stuck with a "freeloaders debt" for all the services they ever took - even the courses required to learn their jobs. This freeloader's debt typically is in the tens of thousands of dollars. I wish Tom Cruise would do something about this. But you don't hear him mention it much, do you? It's always how bad the "psychs" are. Maybe they should get their own house in order, huh?


06/27/2005 12:09:40 PM

I think I heard that L Ron Hubbard once said, "If your really want to get rich, start a religion". Sounds like he may have followed his own advise, and of course profited handsomely from it.


06/27/2005 12:00:45 PM

Yeah I'm pretty suspicious of anyone that offers enlightment or spirituality for a monetary cost.


06/27/2005 09:05:28 AM

Buddhist meditation teaches me about my mind and I don't have to pay anyone. I don't trust someone who wants me to pay for spiritual growth.


06/27/2005 05:51:09 AM

As stated in the article, Scientology acts as a business with the trappings of a religion. The business of escalating costs up well into the 100's of thousands of dollars to be able to get access to "the deep secrets" and become an "operating thetan" is very "clear" to me. Combine this with Hubbard's "fair game" scenario of punishing critics and it smells worse. It is remarkable that they have managed this and are a religion not a tax paying business, legitimate and not a racket.


06/26/2005 08:36:44 AM

Thank you Alanzo for posting. I too looked into Scientology for health purposes but fortunately was warned away from it by a friend in the know. I am a spiritual person as we all are by nature and have found my own way of healing through meditation and learning all I can about how our minds work as far as old habits and personal painful memories. I am also a Reiki Master and in the health field and I see many people coming to realize they can control the state of their health through meditation etc. I am not saying by any means to leave their doctors but, we can do much to help ourselves and thankfully doctors too are now becoming more aware of the spiritual person inside the patient. Love and Light....LeahRachel.


06/25/2005 04:47:04 PM

"Mind over Matter", is that a bit like "I can do anything through Christ who strengthens me" - but Christians and Scientologists don't seem to be any more wealthy, healthy and long-lived as the rest of the population in general?


06/25/2005 11:18:19 AM

I bleieve that scientology can definately help people, but I don't like how they charge so much money. For the most part, I think that selling spirituality is wrong(except for maybe certain cases).


06/25/2005 08:01:30 AM

I was a Scientologist for 16 years. At first, I was able to use it to help straighten my life out. But then I amassed over $40,000 in credit card debt trying to pay for all their courses to make me more "effective at handling life". It had ceased working long before, and I found myself buying more hoping to make it work again. When I tried to stop going into debt for it, I was pressured more than ever to continue to pay with my credit cards. I began to wonder, "What's the difference between this and a bad cocaine habit"? Find out ALL there is to know about Scientology before becoming too involved. Take it from someone who has been there.


06/24/2005 05:44:36 PM

I found this to be a detailed and excellent article on Scientology.