Scientology and the Search for Significance

What do Scientologists believe? How can we learn from them?

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•    Public Scientologists—the rank and file.
•    Celebrity Scientologists, many of whom are recruited as a result of a specific strategy we'll discuss shortly.
•    The "clergy," called the "Sea Organization" or "Sea Orgs."  Many have worked for the religion most of their lives, at miniscule wages.  They sign contracts for a billion years of service, which is a miniscule moment of time in their minds, since the universe is four quadrillion years old.  More of this shortly.

All non-Scientologists are "wogs."

The beliefs of Scientologists

Scientology is "the study and handling of the spirit in relationship to itself, others and all of life."  Followers believe that we are spiritual beings, that our existence spans more than one life, and that we are endowed with abilities beyond our normal experiences.  We are basically good, though we err by considering only our own point of view.  Nothing is to be accepted on faith; all is to be tested by observation.  Scientology provides means by which people can achieve greater spiritual awareness of themselves and their world.


We are immortal spirit beings (thetans) who possess both mind and body.  We have lived through many past lives and will continue to live beyond the death of the body.  Through "auditing," we can free ourselves of past traumas and bad decisions which restrict us from being "Clear" and becoming an "Operating Thetan."  In each state we recover our spiritual abilities and achieve mental and physical benefits.  We are good but become "aberrated" by pain and unconsciousness.  Psychiatry and psychology are destructive practices which keep us from progressing toward our personal fulfillment.

Humans are Mind, Body, and Spirit.  The thetan (spirit/individual being) has no mass or energy; it is the creator of all other things. The Body is a carbon-oxygen machine engineered by the thetan.  The Mind is the way our thetan communicates with our environment.  We have an "analytical" or conscious mind and a "reactive" or subconscious mind.  "Dianetics" is a set of ideas and practices that help us resolve our engrams (bank of traumatic memories) which inhibit our success and happiness.  Many of these have been accumulated in past lives, as thetans have lived for tens of trillions of years.

Some of our past traumas resulted from "implants" used by extraterrestrials such as Helatrobus to brainwash and control us.  A gigantic Church of Spiritual Technology symbol is carved into the ground at Scientology's Trementina Base so that followers know how to find Hubbard's works in future lives when they travel to Earth from other places in the universe.

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