Prophet or Madman

Former businessman Bruce Adam explains what prompted him to write Prophet or Madman, a book that centers itself around nothing less than the explanation of Eternity, the Universe – and our place within it.

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Their common message is that the life we live is but an illusion, that the past, present and future are inexorably intertwined in an eternal “now” which is unfolding before our eyes.

The book Prophet or Madman attempts to tie these divergent pieces together, while weaving his inspired insights into the latest advances in Quantum Physics and alternate realities.

Bruce writes there is one inescapable fact – we are all spiritual beings temporarily inhabiting a physical shell. There is no end to existence, and the life we now live has been created by us, by our thoughts and our feelings to further our way along the path of knowledge.

In effect, we have created, and are continually in the process of creating, our own physical reality.


We’re All Here For The Long Haul

According to Prophet or Madman, even death is but an illusion. In fact, there is no true death, as the unique consciousness which makes up “you” is in fact immortal. Your soul, or spirit, or whatever you wish to call it cannot die – only advance along the road of enlightenment.

Bruce points this out in the story of the Transfiguration (Matthew 17:3) where Jesus was seen to be talking with both Moses and Elijah. Supposedly “dead” for centuries, these well-known Biblical figures were very much alive and aware.


Even the concept of Eternity is explored. On this earth, we experience time as linear. Yesterday has passed, today is here, and tomorrow is yet to come. A nice, orderly progression. But that’s actually not the case at all!


The past, the present, the future are all encased in an ever conscious “now.” When we expand our understanding beyond our normal senses, time ceases to be a function of seconds, hours, days or years. In fact, those usual concepts of time will lose all meaning. A century, a millennium, the birth and death of stars… all are happening in the same space of time.

A Challenging Read

Prophet or Madman isn’t your comfortable beach-vacation page turner. It will challenge your very concepts of religion, your place in the Universe, and beliefs you’ve probably had since the earliest days of your childhood.

Bruce doesn’t shy away from tacking the hard questions either.

· Why are we here, and where do we go after “death?”

· Is there really a heaven or hell?

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