Prophet or Madman

Former businessman Bruce Adam explains what prompted him to write Prophet or Madman, a book that centers itself around nothing less than the explanation of Eternity, the Universe – and our place within it.


Prophet or Madman

Prophet or Madman… an admittedly curious title to a book that centers itself around nothing less than the explanation of Eternity, the Universe – and our place within it.

Written by Bruce Adams, self-described as “neither a theologian, a Bible scholar, a pastor, nor a teacher” one has to wonder what in the world prompted this successful businessman to even think about writing a 234 page revelation on the meaning of life.

The pivotal event in Bruce’s life happened in – of all places – a skating rink, where he had brought his nine year old son for an afternoon outing.

As Bruce explains… “That’s when it happened. It’s been said God speaks in whispers, but for me it was different. I was out skating with my nine year old son, and suddenly the world went quiet – almost like I was moving through a fog of absolute silence.

“That’s when I heard the “Voice,” but not limited to my ears or mind, but multi-dimensional – a voice that was heard not only through my outward senses, but vibrating throughout and within my entire being. And quite frankly, I wasn’t happy about what it was saying to me.”


In effect, the Voice Bruce was hearing instructed him to drop all his current business plans, all his previous work, even all his financial security and expectations – and start upon a new journey.

Small wonder he wasn’t exactly thrilled at this message!

However, after a series of other events which utterly defied his logic and understanding – Bruce was ready to be awakened to a totally new understanding of the Universe, and mankind’s place alongside the Infinite.

The Core of What Bruce Was Being Told To Relate

We like to think of ourselves as separate beings. You are you, the taxi cab driver is the taxi cab driver, and that annoying, barking dog down the street is simply a pooch with a bad attitude.

Not so according to Bruce!

There is no outside, no “them and us,” no barriers between us and the entire universe – except those of our own mental creation.

Hard to grasp, isn’t it?

But this message isn’t unique. It’s one the greatest philosophers and religious figures throughout time have tried to impress upon us. Plato, Marcus Aurelius, The Buddha, Jesus, Rumi, even Einstein – all stressed the interconnection between us and the infinite.

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