Eastern Orthodox
O Holy Master, Almighty Father and Pre-Eternal God, Who alone made and directs all things; Who rise up quickly against t ...

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Show us your mercy, O Lord; And grant us your salvation. Clothe your ministers with righteousness…

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James Martineau
Source of all good! Day by day are thy blessings renewed to us; and again we come with thankful hearts to seek the sense ...

Related Topics: Christian, Comfort, Fear, Gratitude, Guidance, Morning, Protestant, Strength & Courage

New Age
I honor the place in you where the Spirit of Truth of the entire Universe resides. I honor the place in you, of Love, of ...

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May the wind blow sweetness, the rivers flow sweetness, the herbs grow sweetness...

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Jim & Kaye Johns
Some have been content not to grow. They've continued to live as infants in Christ, settling for the milk of the Word, ...

Related Topics: Infants, Strength & Courage, Understanding, Daily, Guidance, Christian, Help, Catholic, Genuine Desire, Christ, Faith

Jim & Kaye Johns
For those who travel or live abroad, supply translators for them as needed, those who know the language so well they're ...

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Lead me from death to life, from falsehood to truth. Lead me from despair to hope...

Related Topics: Let Peace, Multifaith, Guidance, Life, Heart, Peace, Truth, Fear, Death, Falsehood

Flame RavenHawk
This is Imbolc, when the ice begins to melt, the earth begins to soften, and the seed begins to stir in the darkness...

Related Topics: Holidays, New Age, Pagan, Peace

Jim & Kaye Johns
Raise up Christian teachers for these young people, and help their teachers serve and teach as they are gifted by the S ...

Related Topics: Catholic, Christian, Compassion, Daily, Guidance, Protection, Protestant, Strength & Courage, Work, Teachers, Young People, Doing Whats, Teaching, Kids

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