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Prayer for Those Who are Bedbound

-Maureen Pratt

O Father in Heaven, you are with me even when I cannot move from my bed. Help me to look upon my bedbound state...

Related Topics: Christian, Healing, Illness, Multifaith, Protestant


In Praise of Mary

-St. Francis of Assisi

Hail, holy Lady, most holy Queen, Mary, Mother of God, ever Virgin. You were chosen by the Most High Father in heave ...

Related Topics: Holy, Praise, Christian, His Mother, God, Mary, Catholic, Faith, Grace


For Relief From Anxiety & Grief

-Imam Taqi Al Jawad(as)

O He who is sufficent from all things But nothing is sufficient from Him...

Related Topics: Comfort, Death, Fear, Loss, Stress, Sufficent, Yakfee Mihu Shay, Yakfee, Mimaa Anaa Feeh, Shay, Anxiety, State, Anaa


Spouse with Chronic Illness

-Hugh and Gayle Prather

Accept the state of your body today, this instant, and turn to God. If you wake feeling strong and vibrant, be that, and ...

Related Topics: Healing, Illness, Burden, Vibrant, Multifaith, Pain, Instant, State, God, Heart, Hisher Heart, Fear, Body, Marriage


The Namaskara Sutra, a Prayer of Praise


I bow down to those who have reached omniscience in the flesh and teach the road to everlasting life in the liberated st ...

Related Topics: Bedtime, Daily, Morning, Praise, Other Faiths


Prayer for Hurricane Season

-Fr. Al Volpe, Cameron Parish, LA

O God, Master of this passing world, hear the humble voices of your children.  The Sea of Galilee obeyed your order and ...

Related Topics: Catholic, Christian, Nature, Protection, Violence & Disasters, Master, Humble, Conventional Boundaries, Hurricane Season O God, Order, World, Faith


Bathroom Prayer

-Author Unknown

May all who bathe their bodies here bathe them in the mild rays of the Sun of suns, as Mary bathed Christ in the ric ...

Related Topics: Egypt, Christian, Bodies, Hands, Catholic, Rays, Christ, Sun, Faith, Jesus


The Sinner's Prayer

-Augustus Toplady

Try me, O God, and search the ground of my heart: prove me and examine my thoughts. Look well if there be any wickedness ...

Related Topics: Born Again, Christian, Protestant


Invocation to the Dawn


Look to this day, for it is Life, the very life of Life; In its brief course lie all the verities and realities of you ...

Related Topics: Dream, Morning, Multifaith, Existence, Daily, Look, Life, Verities, Realities, Course, Vision, Course Lie, Hope


Prayer for Help With Finances

-Lynn Robinson

Dear God, I surrender my financial affairs and concerns about money to your Divine care and love...

Related Topics: Money, Multifaith, Work, Christian, Protestant

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Prayers 04/18/2014


Thank You, Father

Thank you, Father, for bread and meat.
Thank you for the friends we meet.
Thank you for our Moms and Dads.
Thank you for the love we have.
Thank you for our work and play.
Thank you for another day.
In Jesus' name.

Source: Submitted by Beliefnet member billybud

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