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Pledge for an Adopted Child

-Debra Nussbaum Cohen

We did not plant you, true. But when the season is done, When the alternate prayers For the sun and for rain are count ...

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Hanukkah Candle-Lighting Prayers


Blessed are you, Lord our God, King of the Universe, Who sanctified us by his commandments, and has commanded us to kind ...

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Prayer for Imbolc

-Morgana West

On this Imbolc day, as I kindle the flame upon my hearth, I pray that the flame of Brigid may burn in my soul, and t ...

Related Topics: Compassion, Guidance, Holidays, New Age, Pagan, Peace


Prayer for Autumn Days

-Author Unknown

God of the seasons, there is a time for everything; there is a time for dying and a time for rising. We need courage to ...

Related Topics: Christian, Guidance, Multifaith, Nature, New Age, Strength & Courage


Thanks for Provision


Almighty and gracious Father, we give you thanks for the fruits of the earth in their season and for the labors of those ...

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Easter Prayer for Renewal

-Rev. Dr. Herbert Brokering

Send me a resurrection when everything looks dead and buried. Send me light when the night seems too long.

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Blessing for Sukkot


Blessed are You, O Lord our God, King of the universe...

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The Symbols of Allah

-Qur'an 2:158

Verily the Safa and Marwa are among the Symbols of God. So, if one visits the House in the Season or at other times...

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Du'a when planting trees or sowing seeds


A goodly word is like a goodly tree, whose root is firmly fixed...

Related Topics: Islam, Muslim, Plant, Faith


Prayer for Hurricane Season

-Fr. Al Volpe, Cameron Parish, LA

O God, Master of this passing world, hear the humble voices of your children.  The Sea of Galilee obeyed your order and ...

Related Topics: Catholic, Christian, Nature, Protection, Violence & Disasters, Master, Humble, Conventional Boundaries, Hurricane Season O God, Order, World, Faith

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Prayers 04/20/2014


Prayer for a Baptism

Almighty God, who by our baptism into the death and resurrection of thy Son Jesus Christ dost turn us from the old life of sin: Grant that we, being reborn to new life in him, may live in righteousness and holiness all our days; through the same thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord, who liveth and reigneth with thee and the Holy Spirit, one God, now and for ever. Amen.

Source: Book of Common Prayer 1979

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