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Guardian Angel Prayer


Angel of God, my guardian dear, to whom God's love commits me here...

Related Topics: Guardian, Love, Christian, Bedtime, God, Protection, Catholic, Faith


Nighttime Prayer


My God, I love You with all my heart. I thank You for having kept me safe this day…

Related Topics: Bedtime, Christian, Gratitude, Protection, Heart, Safe, Grace, Christianity, Faith


Show Me the Course

-Basil of Caesarea (c. 329-379)

Steer the ship of my life, good Lord, to your quiet harbour, where I can be safe from the storms of sin and conflict...

Related Topics: Catholic, Christian, Comfort, Guidance, Peace, Protection, Strength & Courage, Sin, Conflict, Harbour, Right Direction, Faith


Night Prayer of a Wife and Mother


Lord, bless the man with whom I sleep And in Your constant care him keep. Bless our children as they grow...

Related Topics: Parenting, Daily, Christian, Bedtime, Protection, Protestant


Prayer for a Safe Pregnancy

-Vienna Cobb Anderson

This life you have given us is so tiny, fragile, and vulnerable, safe in the womb of flesh and hope…

Related Topics: Christian, Multifaith, Pregnancy & Birth, Protestant


Bless Your Little Lamb Tonight


Jesus tender Shepherd hear me Bless your little lamb tonight...

Related Topics: Christian, Bedtime, Bless, Lamb, Children’S Prayers, Catholic, Faith, Jesus


What Need I Fear?

-St. Columba (521-597)

Alone with none but thee, my God, I journey on my way...

Related Topics: Strength & Courage, Comfort, Christian, Travel, God, Protection, Fear, Catholic, Hope, Faith


Prayer for Holy Rest


Until the shadows lengthen and the evening comes, and the busy world lies hushed...

Related Topics: Bedtime, Christian, Comfort, Peace, Evening, Lies, Shadows, Holy Rest, World, Christianity, Faith


May Love Abound

-Beliefnet member PurpleStar26

May the lonely be comforted. May love abound and divisions between us cease to exist...

Related Topics: Enlightenment, Comfort, Divisions, Love, Loneliness, Compassion, Buddhism, Lonely, Fear, Path, Diligence, Faith


An Avalanche of Blessings

-Kathy Coffey

Perhaps the invisible shield we hang over our children is made up of the values we instill in them, our desperate caring ...

Related Topics: Parenting, Children, Human Limitations, Multifaith, Christian, Divine Parent, Catholic, Faith, Values

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Prayers 04/23/2014


For the Protection of Travelers

All-Father Wodan, protector of travelers,
guard us, guide us,
bring us through
in safety and ease
on our journey today.

- Ceisiwr Serith

Source: "A Book of Pagan Prayer" © 2002 Ceisiwr Serith. Reprinted with permission of Red Wheel/Weiser.

TAGS: New Age, Pagan, Protection, Travel


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