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Prayer for Young People


O God, we pray and beseech you to guide and protect young people from the dangers that are ever present in our worl ...

Related Topics: Amen, Christian, Young People, Right Decisions, Catholic, Failure, Christ, Faith


Prayer to Mary to Help Those in Need


Holy Mary, help those in need, give strength to the weak...

Related Topics: Strength & Courage, Social Justice, Guidance, Holy Mary, Unfailing, Strength, Protection, Catholic, Faith


The Apostles' Creed


I believe in God, the father almighty, creator of heaven and earth. I believe in Jesus Christ, his only Son, our Lord. ...

Related Topics: Pontius Pilate, Strength & Courage, Creator, Comfort, Jesus Christ, Daily, Guidance, Christian, Peace, Protection, Catholic, Father, Faith


Prayer in Honor of Mary's Courage

-Vienna Cobb Anderson

Mary, you heard a voice. You answered, "Yes"...

Related Topics: Strength & Courage, Guidance, Love, Christian, Courage, Catholic, Hope, Birth, Faith, Marys Courage Mary


Prayer for Expectant Mothers


All loving God, you created the human family as a reflection of your own divine life...

Related Topics: Reflection, Life, Family, Giving Life, Divine, Catholic, Child, Birth, Faith, Pregnancy & Birth


In Praise of Mary

-St. Francis of Assisi

Hail, holy Lady, most holy Queen, Mary, Mother of God, ever Virgin. You were chosen by the Most High Father in heave ...

Related Topics: Holy, Praise, Christian, His Mother, God, Mary, Catholic, Faith, Grace


Gratitude for Friends and Family

-Mary Maude Daniels

To our Friends who have become Family…

Related Topics: Friends, Multifaith, Love, Family, Celebrations, Relationships, Gratitude, Care Youve, Marriage


To Manage Time Well

-Jim & Kaye Johns

Help them learn from Mary and Martha that busyness can keep them from sitting at the feet of Jesus...

Related Topics: Morning, Teaching, Daily, Guidance, Christian, Family, Striving, Help, Catholic, Faith, Jesus


Children's Bedtime Prayer

-Mary Baker Eddy

Father-Mother God, Loving me. Guard me...

Related Topics: Parenting, Father Mother, Christian, Bedtime, Children’S Prayers, Christianity, Faith, Childrens Bedtime Prayer


Prayer to Saint Joseph for the Spirit of Work


Glorious Saint Joseph, model of all who pass their life in labor, obtain for me the grace to work in a spirit of penance ...

Related Topics: Catholic, Christian, Work, Labor, Life, Grace, Sins, Glorious Saint Joseph, Spirit Of Work Glorious Saint Joseph, Spirit, Faith

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Prayers 04/16/2014


Breast Cancer Prayer

Holy mother, send angels of comfort and relief to those who are suffering or in pain with breast cancer. Please give support to those who have had surgery, and let them feel your unconditional love. Blessed be.

- Beliefnet member Winterangel22

Source: Beliefnet prayer circle

TAGS: Healing, Illness, Multifaith, New Age, Pagan, Breast Cancer