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Meditation in Affliction

-Gyalwa Longchenpa

Assailed by afflictions, we discover Dharma And find the way to liberation. Thank you, evil forces! When sorrows ...

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May the Buddhas Smile Upon Us

-Beliefnet member dreaming_romali

May the buddhas and bodhisattvas smile upon us with compassion and continue to turn the wheel of Dharma...

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Prayer for Liberation for All Beings

-Beliefnet member dreamtheatre

I beseech the wisdom of all enlightened beings, past and future. May the Four Immeasurable Minds...

Related Topics: Buddhism, Comfort, Compassion, Guidance, Peace, Enlightened Beings, Beings, Clear Light, Liberation, Enlightened, Immeasurable Minds, Hearts, Minds, Light, Faith


First Steps of the Day

-Andrew Weiss

As I take my first step, My foot kisses the floor...

Related Topics: Buddhism, Daily, Gratitude, Morning, Kisses, Foot Kisses, Floor, Step, Faith


Prayer for Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day)


Lord, remember not only the men of good will, but also those of ill will...

Related Topics: Hope, Judaism, Violence & Disasters, Faith


Relief from Suffering

We invoke your name, Jizo. We aspire to learn your way so as to be present where there is darkness, suffering, oppressio ...

Related Topics: Suffering, Desperate Situations, Hell, Oppression, Places, Darkness, Human Rights, Despair, Relief, Earth


A Coming Out Prayer


O God of truth and justice, the evasions and deceits we practice upon others and ourselves are many. We long only to ...

Related Topics: Coming Out, Judaism, Multifaith, Faith


Prayer for Liberation


Om. We worship Lord Siva (the three eyed one) who is full of fragrance and who nourishes all beings ...

Related Topics: Siva, Immortality, Eyed, Liberation, Beings, Fragrance, Ripe Cucumber, Om


Prayer for Baptism Day (Adult)

-Genesis 2:18-24

I praise and thank You with my heart for the liberation You have given me from the clutches of sin and Satan. By Your de ...

Related Topics: Baptism, Christian, Sin, Baptism Day, Life, Death, Calvary, Heart, Father, Christianity, Faith


Prayers 04/18/2014


Thank You, Father

Thank you, Father, for bread and meat.
Thank you for the friends we meet.
Thank you for our Moms and Dads.
Thank you for the love we have.
Thank you for our work and play.
Thank you for another day.
In Jesus' name.

Source: Submitted by Beliefnet member billybud

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