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God’s Healing in My Financial Matters

Lord, I ask for healing in my financial life. I have not always done right...

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Joy in Giving

Lord, I thank You for Your blessings. Whether in plenty or with little, I want to be a cheerful giver...

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Prayer for Strength and Faith

In the name of Jesus Christ, I pray, Dear Lord...

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Spirit of Light and Love

Spirit of light and love, Creator and Sustainer, God of many names...

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O my God, I know that you love me. And I know that you want me to be happy, safe and secure...

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Prayer for a Married Couple's Finances

Lord, we ask You for wisdom and harmony in our financial life...

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Dealing With Debt

Lord, I need help. My debt is mounting higher and higher; it’s getting out of control...

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A Thankful Yet Fretful Heart

Dear Lord, I come with a thankful, yet fearful heart..

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A Prayer for Our Economic Times

O Lord God, As I survey the stormy economic seas troubling our nation, Troubling me, my family, my friends, my communi ...

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Prayers 04/19/2014


Prayer of a Divorced or Separated Person

Father, I belong to you. I place myself anew in your hands and acknowledge you as Master and Lord of my life. Grant me the gift of a forgiving heart and cleanse me of any anger, hostility, or revenge. Heal my hurts and teach me to rely on your love. Grant me wisdom of heart and strengthen me by your grace to move on in faith, in trust, and in love. Thank you, Lord, for your love in my life.

Source: Catholic Doors Ministry

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