William Cleary
Boundless Sea of Love and Energy, our God, may all your dreams for us come true: your motherly imaginings, and your ...

Related Topics: Astonishing Evolutionary Reality, Morning, Imaginings, Multifaith, Guidance, Love, Creative Purposes, Nature, Dreams, Hopes, Worthy Inheritors, Energy, Fatherly, Fatherly Hopes

Beliefnet member lgalexander
May each of us find our true path and learn from our mistakes (karma) and accept each other's evolutionary pathway...

Related Topics: Buddhism, Compassion, Guidance, Mistakes, Evolutionary Pathway, Pathway, Express Disapproval, Path, Mindful Way, Evolutionary, Karma, Anger, Faith

New Age
William Cleary
The future is full of promise, Holy Mystery, if only because we discern your forces of evolution at work everywhere...

Related Topics: Comfort, Gratitude, Hope, Multifaith, Nature, New Age

William Cleary
God, Creator of Mystery, in the growing revelation of reality evolving around us, we rise with gratitude into an eve ...

Related Topics: Gratitude, Multifaith, Nature, Meaning, Growing Revelation, Reality, Ups And Downs, Revelation, Innate Energies, Personal Life, World, Paradoxical

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