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Prayers 11/07/2009

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Thanking Allah for Creation

Praise be to Allah who created us from His light with His hand
And dignified us over His creatures
And made us trustees of His creation and His revelation.

AlHamdu lillaahil-ladhee khlaqanaa min noorihee biyadih
waSTafaanaa mim bariyyatih
waja`lanaa umnaa-ahu `alaa khalqihee wa-waHyih

- Imam Taqi Al Jawad(as)


TAGS: Noorihee Biyadih Wastafaanaa, Wa Wahyih, Praise, Allah, Umnaa Ahu, Lillaahil Ladhee Khlaqanaa, Lillaahil Ladhee, Bariyyatih, Gratitude, Alaa Khalqihee Wa Wahyih, Wajalanaa Umnaa Ahu