Living the Serenity Prayer

Learn how to stop worrying about life's uncertainties and start focusing on the positive using these practical tips inspired by the Serenity Prayer.


09/18/2010 09:26:11 PM

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09/16/2010 05:44:33 AM

ive heard that "WISDOM is the correct action of faith/beliefs."


09/02/2010 12:55:42 AM

I used this as one of my 365 spiritual tools, Ask For Help Today you will ask the Universe for help. Ask the Creator to support you whenever difficulty or fear arises. Ask another person for help when you are stuck, lost or confused. Ask a friend or loved one what they need. Ask a co-worker for support. Some people say the simplest prayer is "Help!". So today you allowed to call on this mysterious force, and ask for its beneficence. You can see some of these on David Triebwasser


07/26/2010 08:22:29 PM

The 21 ways to pray in the office is a good way to live even outside the office. Life is full of uncertainties and acknowledging our Lord in all things keep our focus in proper prespective. I give a blessing and see blessing in all things this eliminates worry and gives God the glory in our actions.


03/06/2010 09:16:19 PM

I live the simple life and it's grand...and God is in control...makes everything easier, and worry is a thing of the past...

01/12/2010 02:22:22 AM

I have been living the serene lifestyle since I left my past life of addiction. I have finally found the serenity I was looking for, I have found it through God's help and compassion for me and my life and family. IT'S THERE FOR THE TAKING, IF YOU JUST TAKE IT AND YOU MAY HAVE IT TOO!


11/16/2009 03:57:15 PM

"Accepting the things I cannot change"--reminds me of my childhood. Later in life I did have a hard time with this line in the Serenity Prayer--until I realized, I was blaming my family in how they brought me up! I was taught to be quiet and not to cry and felt inferior to others and had a lack of confidence. I had a hard time with speaking unless I was under the influence of alcohol. I needed to accept the way I was raised as I can't change the past, but I can accept and change my own thoughts and attitudes. This was the way my family knew and practiced that way of life and imparted this to me. I had misunderstood a lot of the teaching my family was investing in me and through my own ignorance and misunderstanding turned to alcohol and an abusive marriage. today I have come to a better understanding of the ole' teaching that my family had offered to me and to my siblings. Now I feel that a lot of my upbringing was valuable in making me the person I am today.