Lent Prayers for Patience Strength and Endurance

Beliefnet presents Lent prayers for strength, patience, and endurance from the book of Psalms, The Book of Common Prayers, and other resources. These prayers are for use with or without prayer beads and can be used for Holy Week prayers and Easter prayers.


03/06/2010 08:44:34 PM

I always pray the Hail Mary! Hail Mary, full of Grace...the Lord is with Thee. Blessed art thou and blessed is the Fruit of thy Womb, Jesus! Holy Mary, Mother of God...Pray for us sinners...now and at the hour of our death... Amen..

Rose Red

03/08/2009 03:40:42 PM

How do i receive information for making the roary for prayers during Lenten. i turn to the page for instructions and it is not advailable. Many thaks for this wonderful web site on the Practice of Lent. God Bessings to all. I have not every been told that there were rosary for the protestant faith. My grandmother and mother were of the catholic faith and so I am familar with the rosary that they used.